Friday, April 15, 2011

More on Rev. Hoyt Robinette: Precipitated Silks

Mary Beth Lovecchio, of Reno, Nevada, was kind enough to answer some questions I had with this  report about Rev. Hoyt Robinette's physical mediumship, which manifests precipitated spirit pictures on blank squares of silk (see scans below):
"If you were to touch the fronts of the Spirit Cards, you can feel some texture (crayon,flair etc). The spirit cards do not require full darkness, although the Indian Basket in which the cards and pens, crayons, etc are placed is very tightly woven so no light seeps in.  Hoyt Robinette (it's taken him over 17 years to develop this form of mediumship) does his demos for approx 25 persons at a time (the same for Spirit Silks).

When he was here last year, we rented out the basement of the Buddhist Church so that we could darken the windows and 25 of us sat in rows for the cards.  He layers blank 3x5 index cards in aforesaid basket, along with crayons, pens, pencils etc. if pens, the tops are on.   (I KNOW these are blank index cards because I had been with him when he purchased the cards from Walgreens) - He places the lid on the basket, puts it on a small table that stands independently in the front of the room, then proceeds to do clairvoyance for the audience.  The basket is not touched while this is going on.

When he is done with that, he takes off the lid - empties out the writing implements and starts calling out the names of people present in the audience.

Each person receives a card with a very lifelike picture on the front of a departed loved one, teacher or guide (I have been present when people have received Jesus photos as well as the Virgin Mary and several other "Roman Catholic" saints.)  Along with the person's name, the back contains names of their departed friends, loved ones, spirit guides and teachers.  Oddly, my last name is not an easy one to spell; however, it has NEVER been mis-spelled on a Spirit Card.

The Spirit Silks are done in total darkness (that's why the darkened windows).  Again 25 people sit in a semi-circle.  On the table in front of the audience, is a tray containing several bottles of inks of varying colors with the tops on... these tops NEVER come off.  He doesn't touch these bottles.  Hoyt hands out a piece of standard construction paper to everyone, along with an approximately 5" square of clear white silk which has been sewn around the edges to prevent unravelling.  There is NOTHING on either side these silks ...  The sitters hold the silk square in their laps on top of the construction paper while Hoyt again does clairvoyance.

Upon completion, Hoyt goes around to each sitter with a flashlight covered with a red gel to view the silks, upon which have materialized very lifelike faces of departed persons or animals, some known to the sitter, some not known.  (I have been very lucky to be able to recognize faces on each silk I've gotten.  Our friend Lisa even had Dennis Hopper on hers - and he had only transitioned 2 days prior to our sitting.)  The sitters are instructed to roll the silk in the construction paper (secured with a small rubber band) and keep it rolled up for at least 12 hours - 24 hours is better.  Then, to frame the silk and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Thus is the story of Spirit Cards and Spirit Silks.  If you EVER hear of Hoyt appearing nearby - or even far away - get yourselves there ... you won't regret it"

"Satanta, a Spirit Guide"
Ben and Rudy
Backs of Satanta and Ben and Rudy

Details of Silk
"The last card shows my dearest friend Tom and his dog, Marge; my husband, John; my grandparents and my daughter Veronica whom I lost as a newborn as she looks today.  The man on the bottom I believe is a teacher in spirit as I've never met him on this plane."

Mary Beth can be emailed here.

Physical Mediumship information

I'm currently much enjoying the autobiography,  An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium, about Stewart Alexander, who I believe has recently retired from many years of an ongoing circle that sat for physical mediumship phenomena. His life story contains accounts of many experiences, invaluable for documenting other physical mediums he had worked with who have been largely forgotten. (See also, Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena with the Stewart Alexander Circle Parts 1 and 2, by Katie Halliewell.) One of the largely forgotten mediums the author speaks fondly of is Hunter Selkirk, born in 1900 in the coal mining district of the English County Durham. There was a book written about him, "Listen, My Son" published by the Craghead Village Spiritualist Church, apparently still in print, but which I've not been able to find; however there is some information about him on the internet that is fascinating to read.

Physical mediumship, which was once quite prominent in the early-mid 20th century, had mostly disappeared by the end of the century, but appears to be having a resurgence around the world, notably David Thompson and the Circle of the Silver Cord,  and Kai Mugge's Felix Experiment Group, and the Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination, for excellent modern examples. The Scole Group, although unfortunately discontinued, is legendary as well.

I am also privileged to be in close contact with one of the five known physical mediumship circles in the U.S., which has sat privately for some years, and is known for the many hundreds of apports gifted to them by spirit. The facilitator of the group recently showed me these astounding objects, which includes hundreds of old coins and significant documents from other countries, as well as a fine collection of little cars and trucks brought by one of their team's spirits, a little boy who loves to play and share. More ti come about this circle in the future as well as a report about a special private event I'll be attending for physical mediumship.