Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tonight: Coast-to-Coast Broadcast!

August Goforth will be the featured guest on the truly inimitable Coast-to-Coast Radio Show on Friday, September 3 at 2 am EST. That's tonight for some of you, tomorrow for the rest of us. August will be joined by his good friend, the well-known writer and researcher on near-death experiences and remote viewing, Melvin Morse MD, who also wrote the wonderful forward to The Risen. This will be a truly memorable and exciting experience for us, and hopefully for any listeners as well. Dr. Morse has an exceptional range of insight into many of the various realms and ideas offered by the Risen material, and there's no telling where this collaborative dialogue between him and August will lead. Timothy Gray, the co-author of The Risen, will be with August, as well as various guides and others too numerous too name from The Risen Collective.