Monday, May 03, 2010

From the Archives: Song Without Words

[First posted 5/17/07]

Tim and I finally got together in the astral somewhere last night while my body slept – although he says we spend a lot of time together, but I just don’t remember it, and I’m glad to hear that. I remember us being happy, excited and relaxed with one another. My terrestrial life is full and demanding and pleasantly exhausting, and I’m the first to admit that I could allow myself to relax a lot more – and so I am. This relaxation, this non-contractiveness, is expansive, and opens up my awareness as boundaries fade and dissolve.

It’s clear that my new relationship with Boris as a guide has catalyzed and enhanced this expansion of awareness, and allows for new experiences. Many, if not most, of these experiences are taking place within other dimensional geographies, and are following a particular, structured course of interactions with a team of individuals who have welcomed me into their fellowship. I’m the newbie and have no real idea of exactly what this association means – yet – although they’ve made it clear that while I’ve reached a certain stage of entitlement, there is a lot of ongoing preparation and learning awaiting me. A certain amount of this is what I’d call “crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s” – or maybe, more correctly, connecting the dots. Some of this requires me letting go of a lot of my earthly life, mainly the past. Although most of us are seldom aware of it, we spend a great deal of internal (and even external) time re-living past events, holding, touching and tasting happy and painful memories.

This is what Krishnamurti referred to as “psychological time” and it’s what manifests the sensations of past and future. When the events and feelings of psychological time are observed without internal comment, it slows down and eventually ceases. Time ceases; there is only now. This causes panic in the simulate self, which needs the sensations of past and future to support its sense of existence, and it is skilled at intervening with any attempt to stop psychological time. Our assignment, should we choose to accept it, is to gently take the simulate self’s finger off the button.

Many things are falling into place where my spiritual beingness is concerned, which means movement and growth. Because this growth is not on the physical plane, it’s not uncomfortable. Instead, I feel “spiritually light-headed” and a bit mentally breathless.

Tim is taking advantage of my befuddlement because there are currently fewer boundaries of defense, as a result of the lessening of psychological time. I can hear and feel him much more clearly, but this can only happen when I’m able to let go of past memories – I have to cease observing him through the lens of memories of our shared past experiences on Earth. Sadness, nostalgia, and wistfulness arise, and as I observe them, without joining with them, they fade – I must let them go.

Where Tim is, is always “now.” This is where we can meet, now. And yet he understands that my memories of him on Earth sometimes still seem to outweigh my non-terrestrial moments of awareness of him as he is now – I still have a need sometimes for the “old Tim”. This need is not of unimportance, nor without validity, and thus honoured by both of us, and so he comes to me as that Tim as well. This is comfortable for us and comforting to me. Many languages are used in our relationship, including new ones constantly being formed, as well as communication without language – songs without words. This is a co-creative process and brings us a lot of surprises and joy.