Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fascism is not dead.

I had reported a little time back that my report/article on Rev. Hoyt Robinette's precipitated art seance would be published by the Zerdin Buzz Sheet in the UK. To my surprised frustration, the editors insisted that the medium must "approve" the article before they would publish it. I protested strongly against this bizarre, anti-journalistic stance as irrational, illogical, and plain stupid. Each email became increasingly less comprehensive to me in terms of understanding this approach. I emphasized that this stance does nothing to increase the deliverance of truth, and instead, increases ignorance via censorship -- something mediums have had to suffer over and over again. I finally ended my protest by resigning from their organization, citing that because of their policy, there is no guarantee that anything reported in their magazine is true beyond what the medium approves as true. Out of curiosity I sent the article to the medium, explaining that the editors required his approval of whether or not it should be published. The article was nothing if not favourable. Here is part of his reply:

"I was and am very flattered with the article as written. I must hasten to give my thanks to you for such a well written article. I, after reading it, consulted my spirit teacher, Dr. Kenner, who told me it was not an article that would be taken as well as I had taken it. He said it would not be good to "advertise" myself in such a manner and that I should refrain from giving my approval for the publication of the article."

Of course this heightens my personal suspicions of fraud at the trumpet seance, although the precipitated art was genuine. It seems clear (to me) that the medium fears too much attention in arenas that are beyond his control. As long as he can control the circumstance through pre-arranged and pre-approved tours for demonstrations, it's less likely he will be scrutinized and questioned.

I imagine the medium may be quite surprised when he finds that the archivist at Lilydale has accepted and entered the article into their public display records.