Sunday, June 25, 2006

Still here . . .

This blog has been quiet for some time now, as my time and energy have been primarily channeled toward assisting in the transition of a beloved family member. The brain tumour has rendered her totally paralyzed, and she is spending more and more time outside her body, and I spend a great deal of time with her in the astral at night as my body sleeps. I feel joy and even envy about this momentous event; and also sadness because certain other family members either have no sense that we all survive "death" or else they do, but choose not to believe it and instead to let their simulate self dictate their mindset.

However, know that because of the requests of several friends, including patients, for more information about the simulate self, Tim and I have been diligently enlarging the original chapter about it in The Risen. When ready, rather than offering it as a link, we will simply present it right here. Because of its length, however, we will spread it across several postings. I never know when this kind of thing will be ready or "finished," mainly because of the depth and breadth of the subject, and this constant complexity is indeed challenging to address.