Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monkey Bars 101

Thanks to all who have shared their views and reactions to our book. If you obtained your copy via Amazon books, it would be additionally wonderful, if you're so inclined, to add your own personal review there.

For us, the most interesting and totally understandable (and honest) response has been that "it's not meant for Metaphysics 101" — and more then one reader has shared in the same words, "but it's meant to be savored." Indeed, may readers report that even if they try, they can't read it fast; instant gratification is thwarted. Many are re-reading small sections at a time, then putting it down to process.

This observation is true in the simplest respect — but it could also be said that for the more advanced, seasoned traveler, it's a new kind of 101 of greater dimensional aspects. And this is precisely what (among many things) was intended by The Risen Assembly — to propel the reader out of the little kids' sandbox and onto the monkey bars. And remember the key initiative on any playground: have fun.