Saturday, May 07, 2011

Historic Physical Mediumship Event

Yellow Cloud

This past week, I was almost unbelievably honored to have been invited to attend the first U.S. sitting of The Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination, who came over from France at the direction of their spirit team. Their agenda was to bring new energy to this continent to spark new physical mediumship circles; sitters were required to be experienced in the ways of spirit and mediumship. Conducted at a location in upstate NY, there were only 4 sittings in all, and a good number of other fortunate people drove and flew in from far and wide to sit at these private circles. I attended the fourth and final one last night as well, and witnessed astounding physical manifestation of spirit and spirit voice using the newer energy "photoplasm." Dr. Melvin Morse and I had also devised an experiment which was secretly synchronized with last night's sitting, which John Sloane gratefully agreed to participate in. Melvin's last text to me very late last night showed that he and his wife, Pauline, were reeling from the unexpected results and unable to talk about it at that time. Hopefully, after some sleep and time to wrap their minds around it, we'll process the results soon. I myself am quite exhausted, but still high from some wonderful news of confirmation I received from the circle's main controlling spirit, John Sloane. I've been asked by Mike Tymn and Lisa and Tom Butler to write an account of my experience, so will refer readers to that report, which will have all the details, a little later on from here. These sittings were also all recorded, and hopefully will be available at the Yellow Cloud's archive in a few days.