Saturday, July 10, 2010

Phil Imbrogno & The Djinn

Phil Imbrogno was one of the earliest readers of The Risen, and graced us with a warm endorsement for the back cover. He is a well-known authority in the field of UFO research, highly respected and has been interviewed by the NY Times, Oprah on her show, and featured in documentaries on the History Channel, A&E, Lifetime, and HBO. We had originally become aware of one another shortly after his book, Interdimensional Universe, was published. Phil explained to us that over the years he's gathered an immense amount of data, and it finally reached a point where a significant percentage of it simply did not fit any known UFO profiles in terms of possible explanations. He then realized that some of the data actually belonged in the area of contact from people who had crossed over into the afterlife; still other data indicated that intelligent beings were contacting terrestrials from other dimensions. His intelligent analysis of this data dovetailed with much of the information given by the Risen, hence our cross-interest.

Over the years, Phil has been especially intrigued by a particular "species" of interdimensional beings, the djinn, whose behavior over the centuries suggest unwarranted and unexplained malevolent agendas, thus often earning them the classification of "demons."

Phil's most recent book is also fascinating - Ultraterrestrial Contact - A Paranormal Investigator's Explorations into the Hidden Abduction Epidemic. We remember him mentioning that many abductions have been traced to the djinn.

On July 11, Phil and paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley will talk about the djinn on the Para X Radio Show, 8 pm EST. It promises to be a fascinating show!

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