Saturday, December 26, 2009

Transition into a New Year

“Very likely it is difficult to believe or realize existence in what is sometimes called ‘the next world’; but then, when we come to think of it, it is difficult to believe in existence in this world too; it is difficult to believe in existence at all. The whole problem of existence is a puzzling one.”
~ Sir Oliver Lodge, author of Raymond, or Life and Death

"Tim and I passionately want to share that there is no such thing as death. There is only Life—infinite varieties, forms, qualities, and expressions of it. What the majority of still-embodied people fear as 'death' is simply a transitional phase from one quality of life to another. Transition literally means 'passage from one form, state, style or place to another.' Any state of consciousness is a state of transition toward another state of consciousness, which means this is a never-ending process of our irrevocable immortality.

Death is not an ending, but a transition of consciousness, just like falling asleep and then waking up. From hereon, then, we will use the concept of transition for the great and wondrous event formerly known as death."

From Chapter Five of The Risen, "Transition, Formerly Known as Death"