Friday, June 11, 2010

From The Archives: En Masse Passing Over ..... 2010 Spiritual Event

[First posted 6/25/06]

The Zerdin Fellowship is a British community of mediums and researchers devoted primarily to physical mediumship -- such as the materialization experiences Tim and I worked with for some years. As a member, I receive their wonderful magazine, The Zerdin Buzzsheet, with many articles and photos of various phenomena.

The first thing I wanted to mention was that Volume 8-June has a announcement of the joining together at a London civil ceremony of two of their trustees, Gerald O'Hara and Eric Cargill. As a survivor of a good deal of gay bashing over my half-century on this planet, including from a few who purport to be workers in spirit, it gives Tim and I great joy and pleasure to see and share this.

The other item of interest is from an article by medium David Wharmby, who notes that because of the great upsurge in sudden and unpredictable worldwide deaths, primarily due to natural disasters, war, terrorism and revolution, there are more lost souls walking the earth plane than ever before. Those of you who have read The Risen might recall the chapter on spirit rescue, and how, as those on the earth plane have become increasingly spiritually imbalanced while increasingly materialistic, the lack of understanding of survival can literally impede a transition and trap a soul mid-way.

To address this situation, David has been asked by Spirit to organize four worldwide spiritual rescue events, the first of four to be October 27 and 28, 2006; then again in 2008, 2010 and 2012. It is interesting that these October dates are during the ancient but still observed event of Samhain, when the veils between dimensions are thinnest and those trapped and wandering can be helped to cross over completely. The final date of 2012 is also interesting, as this year is being heralded as a The Event Horizon, The Omega Point, The Singularity, and The Novelty & Timewave - and somewhat related to an idea in The Matrix films -- a year of immense change and upheaval on the earth plane. (The occurrence of "novelty" is mentioned in several ways in The Risen regarding creative manifestation.) 2012 is also when The Olympics will be held.

Although many will not be able to physically attend this event in Cambridge, England, there are other ways to assist. Go to the website: for more details about the international events and how anyone can join in and help.