Monday, September 02, 2013

A Little Nip in the Air

A quick report on my last sitting with Kai Muegge last night in NJ - watch for the complete mini-novel .... I mean report ... to appear not too far in the future.

All the experiments unfolded and were successful as with the other sittings, including ectoplasm (although not as long or as copious as the Cassadaga sittings). However, it appeared that where the touchings and spirit lights were concerned, I was an open target. I was pushed, pulled, caressed, poked and had my first spirit titty-twister, the last by one of the spirit lights! Not only were the touches caused by unseen hands, but also by the lights, which turned out to be able to manifest as solid, boinking off my face, shoulder and hands. At one point, a bright little yellow light flew up to me and, as if with two fingers, grabbed my thumb and gently pulled for a couple seconds. Then another light came up to my chest, grabbed my right nipple, and yikes!

And yes, I liked it.

Someone in the circle commented that it looked as if a swarm of fireflies were dive-bombing me; I felt a little guilty because most of the other sitters were hardly touched or paid attention by the lights. However,the sitters directly on my left and right got a fair amount of the same, and the 3 of us couldn't stop crying out and laughing.The lights were whizzing by so fast that we could feel the wind from their jet-streams!

When the illuminated trumpet finally levitated, it circled the room in dizzying swoops and swirls, each time coming closer to the sitter to my right. Each time, the trumpet would thump him on the head, but then began going for his face, and while he wasn't hurt, sounded a little concerned that someone's eye was gonna get poked out. Then the trumpet turned on me in a way I can only describe as beating the crap out of me; I thought I was going to fall on the floor from laughing so hard, but I couldn't, nor could I break the hand chain to defend myself. Just when I thought it was going too far, the trumpet slowly and carefully descended onto my lap, where it seemed to thoughtfully rest for the remainder of the experiment.

I'm pretty sure this was all due to Tim, but he's remaining silent on the matter.