Sunday, July 18, 2010

Materialization Experience: Chapter Excerpt

The following is excerpted from the Chapter 23 — Vibration, Resonance, & Harmony in The Risen.

“While meditating in bed early this evening, I thought of Tim and felt an intense desire to much more consciously be with him. I remembered the revelation that amplifying such a desire is the key, so decided to direct my meditation in that way and concentrated on my desire to be with him. It was difficult and took lot of energy that I didn’t seem to have that day. I soon found myself growing bored with it and decided to take a nap instead.

“While lying on my side and wondering if I should ever drift off to sleep, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I didn’t feel it fall there—it was just there. I knew immediately that it was Tim. I’ve had this experience once before, but it was when awakening one morning with his hand on my shoulder. This time I was already awake, and not dreaming. I then began to move into an astral-etheric level, vacillating just slightly out of sync with the material world, yet fully conscious and intensely aware of his fingers pressing into my shoulder. I reached back and grasped his hand. It was definitely a hand, but seemed very small for an adult. Tim tried to pull away from me but I only held on more firmly. As we each pulled in opposite directions his fingers stretched as if made of raw bread dough. Without letting go, I stopped pulling and so did he, and I felt his hand fill out until it felt like a normal, adult-sized hand.

“As before, when I had tried to turn around to look at him, he whispered for me not to. The last time I obeyed. This time I ignored his request, and keeping a firm hold on his hand, turned over onto my back to face him. My room is always kept quite dim, even during the day, so it’s much darker at night with very little light entering in. But my eyes were used to the darkness and I could clearly see that this was Tim, leaning over me and looking into my face with a somewhat surprised and slightly worried expression. Letting go of his hand, I reached up to feel his hair—it was full, luxurious, and wavy, just as it had been when he was on earth. When I released his hand he grasped me around the wrist, hanging onto it as I touched his hair, his brow, and then his face, which my fingertips could feel smiling.

“I felt intensely sleepy and lay back on the pillow. I started to fade in and out of consciousness—or I assume so, since my memory of what happened is sketchy. We had a long and intimate conversation about things I can’t recall. It was as if time no longer existed. The conversation seemed infinite and my human brain is unable to retain the memory of the enormity of it all.

“Because I was experiencing it on a slightly higher astral level, my bedroom appeared altered. The differences were insignificant, such as the desk being placed elsewhere and certain pictures moved to other walls.

“I noticed that Tim wasn’t looking well, and actually rather ill and undernourished. The closer I looked the more I saw that he appeared as he might have when he had been so sick on earth, wasted by his illness. I had the impression that it was becoming difficult for him to maintain his form and that he was uncomfortable and uneasy. I didn’t know if this was actually the case or if he was just having a hard time maintaining the form of his astral body. The room then got totally dark, making it difficult to see. We emerged onto another level of consciousness, manifesting into a different geography of reality. He was standing now and trying to talk to somebody about what was happening into something that looked like a cell phone. I heard him identify himself and then call out for a person whose name I didn’t recognize and can’t recall. He sounded panicky. I heard him mention the group he was affiliated with, a rather long esoteric-sounding name which connoted some sort of scientific spiritual group.

“Something white was scattered around Tim’s feet. It appeared to be a kind of white powder, which at first I thought was sugar. I saw what looked like broken glass and wondered if Tim had dropped a container of this substance. It was sparkly and glittered like fireflies, and there was quite a lot of it lying in little piles on the floor. I could see little flecks of light twinkling within this substance. Touching it caused it to crackle and pop, its reaction when coming in contact with my body—physical, etheric, or astral body, I can’t say at this point. I intuited that this substance was largely involved with Tim being able to materialize to the point where we could see and feel each other—not entirely on the low physical plane where I inhabit my earth body but as close to it as possible, on just the other near side of light sleep.

“At this point I returned to an awakened conscious state, but still in higher vibration and not fully back on the physical plane. Tim was nowhere to be seen or felt. I rested for a bit while my mind boggled in wonder over the events that had just occurred.

“I lay in bed for at least an hour going over the events. My body felt un-comfortably charged with energy. Wave after wave of currents of energy seemed to be passing through it, as if cold breezes were coming from the inside out, and as if a great deal of static electricity was playing all over me. It was strong enough to be frightening but I told myself to not be afraid, that there was no reason for fear and that I was safe—but I still prayed for help and support. The electric effect lasted for almost an hour, and I noticed that the right side of the bed where Tim had materialized was inexplicably cold. The cold quickly reached my body and I pulled the comforter over me to get warm. I felt hungry, so got up and went to the kitchen to find something to eat—a few swallows of juice seemed to suffice. The static effect seemed to follow me as I walked from and back to the bed. Eventually I was able to fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.

"When Tim had materialized in the first experience I had shared earlier, it also began with a hand on my shoulder. In that instance I was coming from an astral experience, which then culminated in a physical one. In the most recent one detailed above it was the opposite—a physical experience that moved into an astral one. In either case, this overlapping of the astral with the physical resulted in a temporary condition of surrealistic-like qualities, which some might call supernatural and others might label as hallucinogenic or delusional. What’s actually apparent here is an event of worlds intermingling and achieving entrainment, as various states of amplified, conscious awareness revealed their interpenetration—an aspect of the unlimited nature of the universe."

[Entrainment is apparent when one's being vacillates, a phenomenon of resonance first observed in the 17th century, and which has an effect on all of us. It is defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to synchronize and lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. Entrainment is universal, appearing in chemistry, biology, psychology, astronomy, architecture and many more realms. Examples are playground swings that are swinging out of sync but then adjust, or one may be in a clock store and notice the pendulum clocks of the same size swinging back and forth in unison. Scientists believe that small amounts of energy are transferred between the two systems when they are out of phase in such a way as to produce negative feedback, thereby manifesting a more stable phase relationship.]