Sunday, August 29, 2010

Your Mama Does Dance

August and friend Jack just returned from an amazing, relaxing, strange and wonderful weekend with Dr. Melvin Morse and his wife, Pauline, joining them in a special reaffirmation ceremony of their wedding vows, in perfect weather, on the dock of a special beach along the East Coast, followed by dancing, outrageous food, story-telling, singing and face painting for several hours on a truly opulent ferry boat out into the Atlantic. After the cupcake-cutting ceremony, everyone gathered on the deck to watch the sun set. The Morse family made the dock ceremony fully their own, with blessings invoked by a medium-minister, complete with a bubble parade conducted by the guests, spontaneously inspired music accompanied by their two beautiful little daughters on an African gourd rattle and a Brazilian rainstick, and the most-ever inspirational improv of spoken/sung rap-jaz-old-time-30's-blues a la Sun Ra poetry between Melvin and his mother about his dad, her husband Malcolm S. Morse, a prominent scientist known for his research on anomalous phenomena, and who transitioned in 1986. A performance artist, poet, world traveler and political activist, 91-year old Trudy Morse gracefully hoofed it in her custom flame-embroidered Keds; they matched Melvin's own sneaks perfectly.

August and Melvin did manage to find time discuss their up-coming guesting on Coast-to-Coast over a noisy Thai dinner, and are gleefully anticipating much ado about everything.

Please join us in sending Pauline, Melvin, Anna and Melody deepest blessings of the heart, spirit and mind.