Thursday, December 24, 2009

Naughty or Nice?

Joyeux Noël to all.

A little deva recently shared with us its observations of the various readers of The Risen—apparently a slow but steadily growing group, which was wonderful to hear. I was a bit startled to learn that any such observations were going on to begin with, but as has always been the case with this “little project” since its inception 8 years ago, I’m not really surprised. The Risen Collective’s ways have been, and will continue to be, actively mysterious, paradoxical, and brilliant. They appear to be monitoring readers in scientific ways to gather information as data for ongoing studies about the ego-mind as well as about transitions of many kinds. Apparently, connecting with the higher vibrating concepts of the book’s material will connect the reader (or listener) with the higher vibrating entities actively sustaining the work. This makes the work nourishing, vitalizing, refreshing, and even perhaps a little weird and scary—all components of change, and evolution towards transmutation—or becoming more like The Risen while still embodied on this terrestrial plane. And indeed, the next book, which the Collective has begun to transmit for Tim’s and my reception and discernment, appears to be orchestrated towards just this goal of terrestrial transmutation—hence the thus-far presented title, “Risen On Earth.” Coming to a planet near you, or maybe even under you.

So anyway, this little shining celestial shared that some readers are able to intuitively trust and follow the book’s suggestion to not read it in leap-frog fashion—skimming here, skipping there, “looking for the good stuff,” but to start at the beginning, and carefully, slowly, deliberately journey through until the end. Their struggles are sometimes difficult, their understanding sporadic, their emotions a little new and odd. Yet novelty and learning are taking place, allowing for expansion, wonder, and ever-increasing curiosity about oneself as an awakening Self of Authenticity.

And others, apparently, are leap-frogging the material, and while also experiencing some of the same things, are as yet unaware that their own ego-mind is leading them by the nose, muddying the waters with its own defensive, clever questioning and witty retorts—the kind of inner chatter designed to continue to lull the Authentic Self into sleepiness and from ever truly having the chance to begin to grasp something of higher vibration.

This kind of sounds like Santa watching to see who’s naughty or nice. I don't know about anyone else, but Tim and I believe in Santa.

To avoid your usual few lumps of coal in the stocking this year, the Risen offer this suggestion. Ask for help. If you’re feeling frustrated, exasperated, befuddled—or what I used to feel, which was like I had battings of cotton wool wrapped around my brain—quiet the chattering ego-mind and go within and ask for help. If you don’t know how to quiet the ego-mind, make that your first request of assistance. Say: “May those who are interested in my welfare, and that of the Universe, assist me now.” Then watch, listen, and wait. (Maybe read the material in the Appendix on “waiting.”) The material in this book is exquisitely designed to aid and assist; it’s an organic process of the spiritual kind, affecting the spiritual body, so the effects are, at first, faint, subtle, shy. Be gentle with yourself as you strive to consciously go with the flow of the book—and to go with the flow, start at the beginning of the river, where the spring is emerging out of the ground of being, flowing forward into ever-increasing awareness. This takes time, which is a great luxury we have while on the Earth, so our wish for everyone is that they begin at the beginning, take the time, and use it well.

May your soul rest in peace, and everlasting light shine upon you.