Monday, January 09, 2012

From The Archives: Riddles (and more riddles)

A new reader of The Risen recently shared with us something we'd like to share as well; it also brought to mind an older posting from March of 2010 (below).

Our new reader reports:

"I find (The Risen) resonates deeply with me - no doubt partly because I'm familiar with most of the references you quote. But the strangest thing is that I find there's a synchrony between what I'm reading at any given moment and what I'm feeling about current life issues from minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour.

"I put it down, and when I pick it up again it has an uncanny way of immediately tossing me a sentence/paragraph that contains an immediate answer to whatever was in my mind at that moment. There are other anomalies too . . . (to be possibly shared later.)

[First posted 3/9/10] As our book, The Risen, is slowly, carefully, gradually being discovered by folks from all over the globe, we've also been receiving emails from a few here and there, revealing an amazing wealth of diverse interests, ages and professions. Not a few are experts in their own fields and focus on various spiritual and even scientific subjects. It's no surprise to us that many are experiencing all kinds of reactions and responses to the Risen material, and many alike in their sometimes delight, sometimes confusion, but mostly curiosity and need for more. So of course, a rather astonishing number of fascinating questions, personal theories and tales of experience have been coming our way as well. Some of the writers display formidable scholarly knowledge of esoteric subjects and ancient texts, and seek to perhaps find a way to make The Risen fit within those paradigms, or at least, enhance them.

It's clear that the material is having its own shaking and moving effect on many who have found the book -- although some share that the book "found them." 

Regarding the many questions we've been receiving, we will share a recent response to one of the many truly genuine seekers, as it is reasonably applicable to most of the same nature. We are confident in saying that a significant number of the many complex things readers mention regarding "more," as part of their own special wish list, will be found in the book in some way or ways, often rendering any questions at this point premature or even unnecessary. Many report that a second reading renders far more riddles, mysteries, feelings, and even a few answers. The fair amount of email we get with many questions -- which is part of the process of raising consciousness and spiritual vibration -- and our act of passing the question back acknowledged, but as yet unanswered, provides the necessary terrestrial time and delay needed to go within and come back with one's own, authentic spiritual answer. We promise -- the answer, your answer, is within you. This is directly reflective of August's own process over the past 8 years in assisting Tim and the Risen in manifesting the book.

We replied in particular to one earthly group who strive to serve the greater good through their laudable efforts toward making spiritual information available to all:
"The 'workings' of the Risen Assembly are far, far beyond August's capabilities to bring into words, which is why a major part of the underlying structure of the book is to catalyze and bring readers into experiential line with their own latent abilities to go beyond the words. This will likely become apparent once you are into the material. It seems clear already that so very much of what you've written in this very email is the result of your own guides inspiring you to externalize certain concepts so as to allow you to recognize needed information woven into our book. As you will probably see, the term "orchestration" is a truly wonderful, powerful, and strange but astonishingly apt descriptor for this Grand Tapestry of which we are all a living part."
All that being said, keep those cards and letters coming.