Monday, August 20, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Those who are familiar with our book know about Tim's physical materializations, which occurred intermittently over a period of about a decade. Because most of the manifestations were accomplished through ectoplasm, and because of its volatile nature, and and involves harvesting subtance from one's human body, the experience often left me feeling quite unwell, so it was not something I actively encouraged. Eventually, as Tim moved into much higher spirit geographies, the materializations decreased, and have not happened until recently.

In recent years, a new energy has been explored by Spirit, which has been dubbed "photoplasm" -- it appears to use light as the energy for materializing into tangible substance, rather than taking certain chemicals from one's body to mix with other spirit substances to create ectoplasm. This makes it much safer to use, and possibly more versatile, as the ongoing materializations at the Felix Experimental Group have been increasingly revealing.

About three weeks ago, while in a deep sleep, I was awakened by what felt to be an unusual movement under the covers. Fiona and McHenry, my two siamese, often sleep between my feet or even on them, like little sandbags, and I'm completely familiar with all our movements as we shift to different positions throughout the night. Even so, they're so highly sensitive that sometimes just the movement of my toe can startle them and make them jump out of bed.

This time, however, they barely roused, as this odd movement continued.  It's very difficult to describe, especially because it didn't last very long, and I was struggling to fully awaken. Perhaps if I just describe what happened one might get the idea. My bedroom is usually quite dark, but it was just around the time of the 1st full moon of August, and the drapes were open to one side, letting the moonlight in to illuminate the bed. (August of 2012 actually has two full moons: August 2nd and August 31st, the latter known as a "blue moon.") I wonder about the significance, if any, of this, but Tim hasn't offered anything by way of explanation.

As I was trying to pull myself up to a sitting position, I simultaneously saw a hand come out from under the sheet on my right side! It moved so smoothly that I was reminded of the way a balloon inflates. As it emerged, the sheet itself seemed to move of its own accord back toward the bottom of the bed, revealing that the hand was part of a very long arm. The entire limb seemed a little thin for its size, and a little too long, but otherwise was a normal human adult right hand and arm, and more bony than muscular, with very long fingers. It might have been the moonlight, but the arm also seemed slightly luminescent.

The length of time it took to emerge was only a long second or two, and the hand reached out to touch and embrace my own right hand. By then, the cats had awakened, and while not afraid, seemed annoyed and matter-of-factly jumped off the bed.  The hand's grip was very strong and firm, and at once I recognized it as Tim.  I fell back onto the pillow, our hands firmly clasped together. All his personality and character were conveyed to me in his grasp, and I was almost overwhelmed by the love his fingers conveyed.  I could even feel "I miss you" in his fingers. I felt no fear, only happiness.  Alas, it was not to last for long. With one final squeeze of "I love you" it vanished, leaving me to ask the silent night, "Now what?" It seems like it all lasted only a minute.

Nothing has happened since, but I'm ready for more, especially as this seemed to be a photoplasmic event, and I suffered no ill effects, other than a slightly aching heart. I hope it doesn't happen only once in a blue moon.

A friend commented on how exciting this must have been.  It always sounds exciting to me, too, when I hear of such a thing happening to someone else. But when I experienced it this time, I felt and feel mostly a deep reassurance that all is well, for it's like the hand of God has reached out through his creations to remind us that we are the heirs of irreversible immortality, and can and should rest in this divine knowledge.

If you are interested in reading more about materialization, here you can find some e-books of many long-forgotten and out-of-print books on the subject.

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