Thursday, January 19, 2012

From The Archives: We are not amuses.

[originally posted 2/24/06]

K.'s communication (in The Risen) is one, like most, that personally I need to re-read many times. It was often this way with his earthly writings for me as well. I don't know about other folks, but for me it's as if sometimes there's a barrier, or some kind of psychological Teflon that causes the part of my mind that's trying to comprehend the material to just slip off and I find myself looking out the window at the birdies or the clouds slowly skimming across the sky or realizing I'm sorta hungry or that I forgot to water the plant I don't really care about anyway or wondering if I have any popcorn and if I should make a list of other things I don't have and wondering if there's anything good on tv tonight. This kind of reaction (which is not a response) also often happens, it seems, with presented material as discerned through mediumship. I noticed this is the case, for example when I re-read the old Seth books (although Jane Roberts did not consider herself a medium, but a channeler, if anything.) After a certain amount of sliding off the material, my mind gives up and goes elsewhere. Sometimes it takes years for me to have reached a certain place in my psychospiritual development where I can take in, process and understand, perhaps even apply to my life, the material that was consistently evading my comprehension. It really is a matter of try, try again.

It helps me to understand, and remember, that this process of apprehension is organic, meaning it's a living process and a matter of making a connection between the organism which we are, and other organisms. We are each, in a very real way, an organ of a larger body — which is often mostly unorganized and in the process of becoming organized. When we reach out to others in mind and spirit, and even body, we are making the attempt to associate or join in some way, to become part of that larger body. This body, in turn is also an organ of another body. I refrain from qualifying this next body as "larger" or "greater" because those terms are misleading. A more appropriate phrase might be "more organized" — which also serves as a different way to indicate "more truth."

These distinctions of words and concepts was and is still of interest to the individualized mind-spirit once known as Krishnamurti, and hence to me as well, since he's been my guide and teacher since I was sparked and risen on this planet — and so still is, since I'm still here. Two such particular concepts, which Tim and I have discussed many times and many ways in The Risen, are creation and manifestation. Because these concepts are directly related to K.'s previous message about Reality and dream, we wish to very briefly revisit them. I tend to assume that everyone has read The Risen, or at least, already understand these concepts as we intend. But we all know what they say happens when one tries to assume something. (1)

Many, many authors and teachers, known and anonymous, embodied and elsewhere, use the word "creation" quite indiscriminately in such a way that we assume we can create. It's also carelessly switched and/or mingled with "creativity".

Simply, we cannot create. Creation, or All That Is, is all there is. Our sphere of availability — which is a body, which itself is an organ — is contained within a greater organized body — which is also an organ — which is contained within a greater organized body — which is also an organ — and so on, and on, and on . . . infinooty. All of this is now created. It's hard not to use the limiting past tense "all of this has already been created" — because all is present — all creation is now. But don't worry about when, or how. Don't worry at all. Instead, wonder about — and then wonder at— Who.

Who, the Original Source has gifted us, individually and collectively, with the ability to manifest unlimited aspects of creation. Creation is Reality, and It is malleable; flexible, impressionable, submissive, yielding, governable.(2) We cause creation to manifest, but we cannot create creation, anymore than we can create our Self. Nor can we uncreate our Self. We can, of course, manifest and unmanifest our self.

On this level of materiality, as well as on the next few, including the Risen geographies, we manifest with mind. On our particular earthly level, we manifest primarily with thought, which is mostly random and chaotic and arises from unawareness. Regardless of whether or not we manifest with awareness, our manifestations are dreams; we are dreaming. This is not an undesirable but an exiting and fun thing to do, and for as long as we want. Of course, this implies waking up, and it is fairly easy to intuit that waking up is part of the process of our current existence. More and more people are waking up. Have you ever been in a dream and tried to wake up? It's usually not very easy, and often we have to be really scared in order to achieve it. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to now wake up without fear, and with clarity, joy and anticipation.

Our Self is a gift. We are our own gift. And what do we say when someone gives us something? "Thank you!" And it's ok, and desirable, to also shout "more!" We never stop saying it, because we never stop manifesting. Our manifesting brings great joy and pleasure to the Original Source — we are the conduits of joy, which nourishes the Source, ever amplifying It and expanding It. Because we are literally inseparable from It, we are also the same as It. So we simultaneously are thanking ourselves and bringing joy and pleasure to ourselves, all the while amplifying and expanding.

(1) I know what "they" say, but I also notice that the letters of assume can be rearranged to read amuses.
(2) "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that creepeth upon the earth." (Genesis, Chapter 1) Note it reads dominion, not domination. Also, here "subdue" is derived from the Indo-European deuk, "to lead" -- and a clearer concept to derive from deuk would be " to educate", indicating "to lead out" -- basically meaning to manifest.