Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Mediums - First International Congress in Italy

Currently this event is posted only on Facebook. It has been translated from the Italian courtesy of Google Translate. Rather than try to fine-tune the translation, I invite you to enjoy its charm as it speaks about a very special and unique global event!

October 10-11 - Cagliaria, Sardinia.

Please note that at this time, the event has already been booked to over-capacity, but do not hesitate to contact with your queries: please email factory@gmail.com

MEDIUM is the first educational conference ever organized in Italy dedicated to the development of psychic disciplines and at all BEGINNERS that -for personal experiences, innate or acquisite- intend to open up to the study and practice of faculty who belong to all human beings., addressing and resolving the fear of the transition, the loss, the cultural superstructures, to find the 'unity of spirit and science in the full respect of the ethical and moral principles, and develop the techniques of contact with other dimensions.

The program includes two days in full time (Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 October) from 10 to 21 hours with a lunch break from 14 to 15 hours.

€ 45.00 for 2 giornatte including the activity of collective reading.
€ 30.00 per entry in the work for participation in a single day.


To participate it is essential to book factorycagliari@gmail.com via email or phone 070 840345 during office hours.

CONGRESS, INCLUDING THE EXERCISES ARE TRANSLATED IN SIMULTANEOUS. Each of the participants will be given the technology to follow the simultaneous translation on surrender of a photo ID.

Find PROGRAM The full Congress in the bottom of the page.


AUGUST Goforth (USA)
American psychotherapist, lives and works in New York, Manhattan. It 'also a medium and a psychophysical percezionista. Author, among others, of "The Risen, Dialogues of Love, Grief and Survival Beyond Death, a contemporary relationship for more than life."

Physical medium for over 30 years working in a deep trance, with energy-based phenomena and ectoplasm. Graduated all'Arthur Findlay College London in physical mediumship.

Medium psychic, healer, Reiki master, teacher of meditation techniques, "soul rescuer", an active promoter of charitable events for the benefit of the weakest. She graduated in disciplines psychic all'Arthur Findlay College London is actively medium for over 40 years practice also collective psychic activities (platform) and individual spiritual readings.

PAUL Malachowsky (UK)
Psychic medium from birth, healer, "soul rescuer", deals with activities collective psychic readings and spiritual individual.

Medium psychic expert in crystal therapy and natural cycles in particular solar and lunar.

Photographer originally from Buffalo, lives and works in New York. Graduated in photographic techniques at the Rochester Institute of Technology has specialized in photography spiritualist, who practice field since 2001. Some of his images have been included in the Encyclopedia of World Religions, published by the BBC. The photographic heritage spiritualist made by Shannon Taggart is exhibited and published around the world, including the magazines TIME, Newsweek, New York Times Magazine and Discover.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

10h00-11h30 AUGUST Goforth
Changing paradigms: manage and correct the conscious and unconscious fears, confront and change the cultural facilities over death. Managing the transition process; The mental reality and imagination: what it is and how to use it; Guided experiences contact: simple ways to connect with our loved ones after the transition; Gratitude: protocols for practicing health psycho for a transition without fear. Sleep as a moment of expression of gratitude;
11h30-12h00 Question time

The spiritualist photography and its history: evidence of life after death: techniques, methods, conditions, examples to everyone
13h30-15h00 lunch break

15H00-16H30 DEBBIE Malachowski
The crystals in the physical and spiritual healing: how to use them and how they work. Exercises applied to the use of crystal pendulum. Working with the lunar and solar cycles.
16h30-17h00 question time

Spiritual mediumship it is and how it works; What are the senses involved in the process of spiritual mediumship; Work with the energies: guided group exercises; What is the difference between reading and reading psychic mediumship; Our Team Spiritual: guides and "helpers". "Sit in the energy": group exercises on the connection. How to deal with a process of openness to the world of the Spirit without fear.
18h30-19h00 question time
19h00-20h00 platform mediumship group with Heather Russell and Paul Malachowski: receive evidence.

Work ended day 1

Sunday, October 11, 2015

10h00-11h30 PAUL Malachowski
The psychic mediumship in service to others: meditation techniques developed in the group and connection, checks, transfer of information. Differences between meditation and exercises that develop our capabilities.
11h30-12h00 question time and exercises

12h00-13h00 AUGUST Goforth
How did you sleep? Short open dialogue on the night before and dreams particular: because the sharing of these experiences is important for validation and growth of our ability to communicate with those in spirit; Transition before, during and after: understand and manage the process for ourselves and others; The "Summerland": what is and what should be our expectations; Guided experiences contact: simple ways to connect with our loved ones after the transition.
13h00 13h30 Question time
13h30-15h00 lunch break

15h00-16h30 BRIAN RUSSELL
Evolution of physical mediumship and state of the art. What are the qualities to become a physical medium and what drives us to become a physical medium. How it develops and what good is a session. Technical harmonization of the participants in a session and how "solidify" the energies; Security protocols; Contributions, materializations, perfumes, physical contact and touch, sounds and noises during a session of physical mediumship.
16h30-17h00 question time

17h00-18h30 HEATHER PAUL RUSSELL and Malachowski
The activities of "soul rescuer": homes owned, lost souls, ghosts: what they are, how to recognize them and how to help them in the process of returning home. Emotions of a soul "locked" on the ground floor and how its presence can affect the quality of life of families living in these places.

18h30-19h00 Coffee time

19: 00- 20:00 HEATHER PAUL RUSSELL and Malachowski
Platform mediumship group with Heather Russell and Paul Malachowski: receive evidence.