Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Risen - Cover

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Publishing Update

Advanced Reading Copies are being distributed to selected readers who are widely known across a wide variety of fields, and endorsements are coming in, including recently from Philip Imbrogno, whose recent work, "Interdimensional Universe" is unique and ground-breaking in the UFO field for his conclusions that many "alien contacts" are actually interdimensional beings, notablly djinn (and I would assume this to include the faerie and other similar beings as well. ) He also notes that such contacts are often and clearly contacts with those who have "died" and are now on "the other side" i.e., The Risen. His findings and concepts share a good deal of resonance with our own work. About our book, Phil shared, "Great Work!! Its an amazing work with so much to offer."

I recently had dinner with Ron Drummond, a well-known editor known for working extensively with the novelist and critic Samuel R. Delaney and is currently editing the 25th Anniversary edition of John Crowley's Little, Big -- my fave book of all time. It's a private printing that John has been wanting to do for a long time, and will be especially illustrated by Peter Milton. I can hardly wait for my personal, signed copy! Ron brought his laptop to dinner and showed me the book in its final form - sublime and exquisite. Ron's also curiously interested in The Risen, although he confessed it's a bit beyond his ken.
The current cover is displayed here, and the book will be hard cover with a dust jacket.