Tuesday, March 12, 2013

From The Archives: Blessing Experiement

[First posted May 2010]

One of my guides, Boris Pasternak — here shown in a photograph taken of him next to a spirit-precipitated image of him on a 3x5 card, which was manifested for me at a seance a few years ago — has asked me to ask others to join us in a "Blessing Experiment." Although he's given the brief instructions on what to do, he is either unable or unwilling to tell me what the goal is . . . the Risen love their surprises. He suggests that the goal is open-ended, and therefore, to have no expectations, other than to observe the power of focused blessing and of one's mind.

Briefly, it is asked that everyone join us in sending a simple blessing toward our book, "The Risen" — that's it. So say or think something like, "God-Goddess-Infinite Intelligence-Great Booyah, bless The Risen book — thanks!"

This brevity reminds us of a modern prayer in the New Thought way, which encompasses all the most powerful, primary aspects of true prayer:

"God is good,
So am I.
All is well.
Thanks, goodbye."

We thank you for joining us in this little experiment, and will share the results, if any, when they appear.