Wednesday, September 26, 2012

True Nature

Humility is not thinking less of yourself,
it's thinking of yourself less.
~ Rick Warren

Many of my therapy patients say they want to change, but they can’t, because the way things are “is just my nature.” To change would mean movement, and when there is movement in one’s life — which is growth — it’s often interpreted by the ego-mind as discomfort. This belief can be changed to realize that growth can feel good, like shedding increasingly tightening clothing. To Authentic Self, which is always at rest, it feels like stretching spiritual "muscles" — which feels good and affirming. When we are increasingly able to tune into Spirit's gentle offers of assistance, we simultaneously begin to feel relaxed. This spiritual relaxation is a form of surrender, as Authentic Self, into the never-absent arms of Creator Source.

Here is a very powerful prayer inspired by the Risen that I've never shared with anyone before, but perhaps now is a good time. It may look and sound plain and innocuous, but that is the ego-mind's perception. Move past such thoughts. It is so powerful that I can barely explain the depths to which it reaches and pulls out of us that within which is our True Reality — our True Nature. Here it is:

"All praise and glory to God!"  

(I also say "Creator Source" as well as "God" but any label of meaning is sufficient.)

If it makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, then that means it's working to clear out the dust and gunk that's been clogging up you spiritual vascular system. If you really want to speed up the de-gunking, get on your knees and say it. If you notice that your legs are actually resisting bending, you have indisputable evidence that there's something very powerful at work and that the ego-mind is doing the resisting. At that point, you might want to add, "I trust in God" as well. One of the things this prayer does is to break down and dissolve "crystallized ego-matter" in a way that most likely will feel what can only be called "humiliation" - which is what's needed to happen in order to reach humility.

Repeat this without ceasing until you are practically breathing it, waking up with it, and going to sleep with it.  Say it just before taking action on anything. Try putting the emphasis differently on each word, and note the difference in feeling. Find the frequency to tune into that is your unique relationship with your Highest Power.

And then wait and watch for some miracles.