Friday, September 30, 2011

And much, much more . . .

Alex Tsakiris recently sent us a nice greeting and question:
Just listened to your interview on C2C... great stuff... many questions...I'm particularly interested in better understanding/resolving the differences in spiritual experiences across cultures/religions/practices. Do you address any of these topics in The Risen?
A seemingly small but intense question! I (August) seek to address it simply and put into words as best as I understand from a Risen perspective:
So far, the Risen material has circumvented any focus or intent on differentiating or splitting up the terrestrial experience of spirituality, and instead attends to the underlying commonalities that pre-exist and underlie all manifested people on earth. It does briefly acknowledge the existence, validity and value of older/ancient wisdom systems, especially indigenous "shamanic" type systems, where simplicity and directness is exemplified and makes them more alike than different. So... this seems to suggest there really is no actual need for resolving or resolution; rather the focus is on unlearning race-consciousness ideas, beliefs, and thought-patterns that were manufactured and instilled by ego-mind. A belief in such resolution is a "trick suggestion" of the ego-mind to divert our attention away from it so that it can continue with its agenda of separation to support its delusions of immortality. 

I myself am always very fascinated with how Creator Source is perceived by various cultures and then reflected back, and greatly enjoy hearing and reading about them, and even watching when the opportunity arises. There appears to be a great sort of "controlled upheaval" rapidly occurring across the mediumistic communities, where Spirit -- or the Risen, as I say -- is actively engaging in activities that unite the different communities and the way they manifest physical phenomena - most recently via Warren Caylor's ectoplasmic and Tom of Cabirol's photoplasmic energies in a collaborative effort in France -  see Kai Mugge's group in Germany is also demonstrating rapidly changing, new phenomena that is exceeding even that of the Scole Group. (See the report there of Warren Caylor's also recent visit in Denmark.) I have mentioned before, but without any response (yet) on my comment from the mediumistic communities, that Spirit appears to have a mysterious Great Agenda of uniting the world through such collaborative efforts.  As you can probably surmise, there's a great deal of psychospirituality woven throughout the Risen material. Wendy and Victor Zammit asked us yesterday to provide a little blurb for their link to our site, which which reveals more of the underlying intent to the work: 

"This book was produced under the auspices of The Risen Collective. This collective includes mental health specialists, educators, scientists, healers, philosophers, and artists from multicultural and multi-temporal backgrounds of Earth and of other dimensional systems, and who have an intensely committed interest in the advancement of communicative relationships with those still embodied on Earth and in other dimensional systems. The Risen book was created to address the psychological challenges that arise from the fear of death and trauma from grief and bereavement, and how to initiate the deeper healing processes that may also initiate contact with Risen loved ones."
And much, much more . . .