Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tim Rises Down Under

[Fractal image "Moon On Water" by Susannah Gilley]

Upon receiving his copy of The Risen, Rob Smith, of EVP & ITC Australia, reports he "felt prompted" to record a small radio sweep segment on his computer. He was astonished to hear the name 'AUG' in a US accent on the resulting snippet with a comment by another person saying something like, "Incredible Rob - amazing pick up!"

Rob quickly sent it to me (August). "Serendipitously," my new fancy headphones that were recommended by the Monroe Institute arrived that same day, and I could quite clearly hear Tim saying "Aug!" And although nobody else will ever be able to verify this other than me, so many subtle, layered emotional nuances captured within that one word made my heart go thump like nobody else ever could, assuring me that it could only be Tim.

The other voice sounded to me like it was saying "amazing!" — a voice I recognized -- also with the same "emotional signature of familiarity" -- but not someone of terrestrial origins - meaning it's someone from another dimension beyond Earth and actually in a different dimension from where Tim is — so I'm fairly certain it's someone quite high up, probably of The Risen Assembly.

Rob has made this snippet available for all to listen to.

Music for The Risen

As many explorers into the realms of spirit know — especially those who are involved in mediumistic work and especially seances — music is often used to stimulate, raise, enhance, sustain and catalyze one's vibrations in order to equalize the meeting ground between terrestrial and otherdimensional geographies. A particular piece of music was instrumental (literally) in aiding August to be able to achieve and maintain the high vibration with those higher energy entities that was needed to sustain work on The Risen, especially in the final exhausting months before publication. We'd like to share it with you, and highly recommend listening to it, especially while reading the Foreword and the 1st Chapter.

This particular piece of music by composer/musician, Tim Story, is particularly resonant with our book and would be useful to listen to in order to raise vibration while reading. It's called "Asleep The Snow Came Flying" and is available for download at Amazon.