Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From The Archives: Enraptured Unraveling

[First Posted 8/20/06]

A friend I’ve known since my early teens recently made her transition, and while I wasn’t able to be there physically for her, I was there supportively on the finer, astral-etheric levels. In spite of her exhaustion from several years of pain, depression, and chemotherapy, there was a credible level of fear and anxiety underscoring her surrender into the experience.

After her transition out of the physical body, I attempted to check in on her but couldn’t locate her in any way. Instead, I was met by several entities of very-high vibrational wisdom – Risen Healers – who assured me she was fine and was being attended in a complicated healing process that was difficult to put into terrestrial word-symbols. The best we could come up with was that she was “unraveling in enrapture” — which made no immediate sense to me.

It took a couple days before I gained some level of understanding of what was happening to her. Her earthly physical body had been fairly disabled by an intense physical curvature of the spine which manifested at the age of 14, and which compromised her health all her life and was further complicated by the thoracic cancer that catalyzed the final transition. This “less than” physical condition had occurred during key physical and psychological developmental stages, and so informed her manifestation and was basically all she had ever known on Earth. Now, the healers wanted to convince her mind that a new and a restored, whole condition was possible. She countered their healing with defensive measures against the new possibility because of basic fears that had become entrenched in the mind-body cooperative during her long physical life on Earth and were interpreted as “secure enough.”

What they were now doing was “unraveling” or relaxing her mind by “enrapturing it” — that is, taking her mind "elsewhere" by introducing her to new emotional concepts that are, for the most part, beyond her present mind-body’s ability to imagine and thus manifest. These new emotional concepts are of the highest order of positive feeling — meaning that they are overwhelming to the point where they act as a kind of anesthetic that produces a “spirit coma” — thus allowing the Risen Healers to gently awaken her as they introduce, little by little, the new concepts that would allow her to manifest a new and wholly healed Risen body. Although her simulate self is no longer with her, it had made very deep “impressions” that could become “crystallized” if she were left on her own. The impressions, or echoes, as they could be called as well, would serve as the source of information for directions on re-manifestation into the astral-etheric realms, resulting in yet another simulation of self. Fortunately she is not alone, but surrounded by an incredible support system, which includes a lot of still-embodied people praying for her -- so while she is sleeping, a kind of “surgery” is done to remove the crystallizations.

I'm told that it is possible to achieve a new manifestation of bodily appearance while on Earth, if the mind-body can build new beliefs and then fully accept them. This kind of achievement is referred to in the earthly medical communities as “spontaneous remissions.”