Thursday, February 02, 2006

Do you have a license to drive that thing?

Regarding the previous post, The Lullaby of the Dream Body, some flounder, E.W. sends this fan mail:

"This post is a bit difficult to navigate, but fascinating nonetheless."
Yes. These entranced discernments are always difficult to navigate, hence the qualification / warning about it; just try editing one sometime! I literally have no memory of channeling them and barely am conscious when typing them; it's not the most comfortable thing to do and I often have to struggle to stop it if I need to; the curse of multi-tasking in multidimensions! The interesting thing about them is they often seem to alter the consciousness of the reader. I'm always wary of editing them beyond spelling errors because I don't want to interfere with the communicators' intentions.

E.W. continues:
"I like this viewing of one's body as a pet. Even the best intentioned often want to heal others before they themselves are healed. This twist allows one's compassion to be applied to one's simulate self, while at the same time separating one from that self. Am I right in essentially equating simulate self with this earth body, at least at this level?"

Yes. Many fix-it-uppers unfortunately aren't do-it-yourselfers. This includes a lot of psychotherapists, believe it or don't. In fact, up until recently, anyone in NY State could practice therapy because no license was needed! So even someone who took a lot of "movement/dance" classes with a teacher who woo-woo'd them with their own home-bred philosophy could hang out a shingle. (And there was plenty of this going on.) But no more. As of last year, NY State now has very strict licensing laws, and a great deal of formal education, testing, experience and many thousands of hours of personal supervision under a licensed therapist are needed (which takes several years) must be proven before the first of two kinds of licenses can be granted; the first leads to the second, some years later, which legally entitles one to privately practice. Thankfully, I'm completely koshered and ready for action.

Any notion of "self" (and it is a notion or idea or theory) is and invisible and internalized experience. So the simulate self is not the material earth body; the earth body has intelligence of its own—known as bodily wisdom—which the simulate self doesn't have. When the simulate self is yelling all kinds of directions at us—none of which is useful other than for its own agenda—it's difficult to listen to the body's wisdom, which directs us otherwise. The simulate self lies; the body does not. Who would you listen to? This is why we can access the Higher Self, which partially occupies the body, by entering into awareness of the body through feeling it. If we access the simulate self, that's all we enter, and get trapped into its loop of no return.

Compassion for the simulate self is something discussed by Tim and me in The Risen—which we advocate as a suggestion for exploration, and is quite different from the general, popular view that the ego-mindself should be eliminated. Our view is from a transmutational viewpoint that embraces novelty and change within the sphere of imaginism. It may or may not be fruitful, depending on any possible number of factors, and might not be practical or even possible on any level other than a Higher Imaginal System—which is not where we manifest, but perhaps the direction we are currently weaving. Indeed, this kind of venture may be only significant and possible within a Higher Imaginal Systems because it borders on creating rather than manifesting.

"Also, thanks for that nugget about curbing the need to question. I know that I often use questioning as a means of feeling mental movement and activity, which is sometimes little more than a false sense of evolution or growth. Sometimes we do just have to flow with what we know."

Yes. Curbing, or pulling over on the spirit highway of life, can save lifetimes.