Thursday, June 16, 2011

Historic First Physical Mediumship Sitting: Report

This report submitted to August by a fellow medium about his experience at the very first demonstration of physical mediumship by the Newcastle based Silver Fox Circle of Friends in the U.K.  Very exciting and promising, well done, all!

"On May 21, 2011 I was privileged to be invited to attend the very first demonstration of physical mediumship by the Newcastle based Silver Fox Circle of Friends. This historic demonstration took place in beautiful city Harrogate, UK. I was picked up at the train station by physical mediums Kathy and Terry of the Harrogate based Rainbow Circle and immediately wisked off to the venue to witness and experience an array of two hours of brilliant physical phenomena and verbal communication from four spirit communicators.

"The venue for this demonstration was a small room on the third floor of a home, which had a recessed window dormer or alcove which was the perfect area that could be used as a cabinet. A chair was placed in this area and a curtain across the front. From my estimation, the room was approximately fourteen feet long and twelve feet wide, with the alcove being approximately four feet by four feet. Fifteen folding chairs were placed in a semi circle around the cabinet affording each and every sitter a good view of the proceedings. Several objects, toys, and musical instruments, as well as three traditional ‘trumpets’ were placed on the floor in front of or near the cabinet. Each object was had luminous paint or tape on it to enable everyone to clearly see the position of these objects in the dark.

"The demonstration commenced promptly at 7pm as Fay, the medium, took her seat in the cabinet. Jenny, the circle leader, opened the proceedings with a customary prayer and then proceeded to play lively music that we could all sing along to. This is done in order to build up the energy and raise the vibration in the room. This is necessary at all physical mediumship sittings in order to bring the two worlds together.

"After  approximately four or five songs, a voice emerged from the cabinet. This was Silver Fox, the control and gatekeeper of the circle, on the spirit side. She greeted us all and thanked us all for coming. Throughout the sitting, a total of four spirit voices came through and spoke with us: Silver Fox, Granny, Michael, and Dr. Brown. Each one, all with totally different voices, spoke to us at different times throughout the sitting. What happened throughout the sitting was truly astounding. There was two hours of brilliant non-stop physical phenomena and voice communication from the four spirit team members.

"I will not belabor the point by describing each and every physical manifestation that occurred during this sitting, however I must say that for two hours, the physical phenomena and voice communication that that took place was virtually non-stop. The trumpets were flying, the hoola hoops were moving, the light table was moved several times in front of the cabinet and two musical instruments were played regularly. Luminous chalk was placed on top of the eighteen inch high light box and never rolled off, despite having been moved several times at a good distance. I was positioned approximately five feet from the light box and could clearly see it moving by itself. The light emanating from the three trumpets and the luminous chalk was sufficient to allow me to see the light box moving by itself several times. Several times throughout the sitting, the drums and the ukelele were played, and with great enthusiasm.

"At one point, Dr. Brown asked me to stand up and place one end of the illuminated hoola hoops over my arms and the other end over the arms of Jenny. They then proceeded to rock the hoola hoop back and forth without either one of us grasping the hoop. A small bouquet of white roses was placed in front of the cabinet by Jenny prior to the sitting. During the sitting, spirit placed a rose on the lap of every sitter in the room.

"Again, the spirit activity in the room for the entire two hours was relentless.  I must commend Fay and her entire circle for their dedication and for sharing this most amazing form of spirit communication - physical mediumship, with the fortunate few who were invited to attend this special demonstration - the maiden voyage of the Silver Fox Circle of Friends. "