Sunday, September 07, 2014

FEG Sitting Report, 9/14 Springfield, NJ

18 Sitters gathered with medium Kai Muegge of the Felix Experimental Group (FEG) of Frankfurt, Germany and his wife, Julia for approximately 2.5 hours of physical séance phenomena and exploration. In the interest of space, this report is concerned primarily with phenomena at the 9/1/14 sitting, and assumes that most readers have a certain familiarity with physical mediumship, particularly with FEG’s mode and methods, which can be found throughout its blog. For a much more detailed and comprehensive report of FEG circle protocol and process, cabinet construction, circle roles, trance induction method, diagrams, circle tools and instruments, see this writer’s report that encompasses 3 sittings with FEG in 2013. As with those sittings, most of the phenomena happened in the same experimental order this time in 2014. Kai mentioned that the Chemists were going to experiment with new forms of energy that they were creating, and not just with ectoplasm.

The sitters’ chairs were arranged in the usual “U” shape with the medium’s cabinet at the open end of the shape. Two sitters searched the room and all its contents—finding nothing of suspicious interest—while Circle Assistant Howie Abramson strip searched the medium, also finding nothing untoward.  All sitters removed shoes, belts, jewelry, watches and phones, and Julia scanned each of us with a metal detector before we were allowed into the séance room.

Circle Leader Julia Muegge sat to the cabinet’s right, where she was able to control the red light dimmer and cd music player, as well as provide two hands of the four-hands control used to demonstrate securing of the medium throughout the sitting. Circle Assistant Howie sat at the cabinet’s left and provider the other two hands for control of the medium (See2013 report for more about this protocol). The room provided an excellent space, with a very high ceiling of 12 feet, no windows, and two doors opening onto the same hall. The doors were easily blacked out so that total darkness of the space was achieved.

The sitters had about an hour to sit and talk with one another before the séance, and there was a strong sense of commitment and happy excitement amongst most by the time it was ready to begin. This heightened sense of happy and even silly camaraderie is extremely important energy needed for a successful physical séance. Before the séance, I had privately coached the friend who had come with me to “let it all out—be just like a happy, giddy little kid who’s not afraid to laugh and shriek with delight in the dark!” He was richly rewarded for his ability to do so, as was I.

Interestingly, Spirit directed Julia to seat me halfway from the right side of the cabinet, the exact same spot I occupied last year at Cassadaga and at Springfield.

The sitters began singing to the music which was utilized throughout the entire sitting. It must be noted that a new addition to security control measures was added this year, where Julia would sing continuously so that sitters could discern where she was at any time, except when she needed a few seconds to direct the circle to be silent, open or close the hand chain. The medium achieved full trance via the hypertrophic breathing method fairly quickly, and sitters were barely in chain and the cabinet curtains closed before spirit lights began appearing from within the cabinet. These whitish lights were very active in movement, starting near the floor and then spiraling up to the cabinet’s top, punctuated by strobe-like single flashes of intense bright white light as well.

Hans Bender was able to gain full control of the medium very quickly, and as he began to speak, his warm presence and keen sense of humor raised everyone’s spirits even higher. He expressed sadness that one of the sitters, who is struggling with a serious illness, was not able to make the night’s sittings as planned, and so the Chemists (see 2013report) were already discussing a plan to help make up for his absence, which turned out to be a very special apport—more about this later.

Unlike last year’s sittings, there were no raps or other spirit sounds.  However, there seemed to be no lack of spirit touches, as many began quickly reporting that they were being touched—on the top of the head, the face, the nose, the hands, the legs—by all kinds of different shapes, textures and pressures. Some described the touches as hand caresses and finger poking; others as feathers or fur; and still others felt something warm or cold, leathery or velvety. I experienced most of the above, including something gently grabbing on to the front of my shirt and shaking me in my chair, as if to say “wake up!” (I confess that I had been yawning a bit, having slept little the night before.) While the touches eventually subsided, they never stopped completely, as I and a couple others continued to be touched intermittently throughout the sitting.

Aprés-séance, I learned that there were actually several individuals who were only touched once or twice, while others not at all. Further questioning revealed that either they had mentally relayed to Spirit that they were not keen on being touched, or else did not want to be touched at all—and so Spirit obviously complied.

The force field that extends from the cabinet must have been also achieved unusually quickly, as the musical instruments on the upturned plastic bucket placed at the far end of the U-shape began playing in time to the music almost immediately as the cabinet lights ceased. Things were happening much faster this year!

The tambourine and rattle played for several minutes, and then were heard to be flung to the linoleum floor. Julia was directed by Hans to move on to the ping-pong ball experiment, where 3 balls, coated in luminescent pigment, were placed on top the bucket in place of the instruments. To do this, she was allowed to open the chain and quickly find her way to the bucket with a small dim flashlight. As with everything so far, the gently glowing balls began moving almost immediately, and several sitters could see someone or something moving around the bucket, partially obscuring the balls. Two of the balls appeared to leap off the bucket together, and rolled over to my feet, separated, with one going to the feet of the sitter at my left, and the other to the feet of the sitter at my right. The remaining glow ball went off on its own to the other side of the circle, to where my friend was sitting directly across from me.

All 3 balls moved about for several minutes, and then Hans directed Julia to retrieve them and place them back on the bucket, where they immediately jumped off and went back to the same people as before—2 in my direction, and one back to exactly the other location. The two that came to me then moved to the sitter to my right, and seemed to take advantage of her slight nervousness (she was a “newbie”) by teasing her as if they was going to “do something”—and one of them went under and through the legs of her chair and came to rest behind her.

Was Spirit trying to tell us something? Perhaps so, for after the balls stopped moving, Hans suddenly exclaimed that “we have a Visitor who has found and come to us!” and that the visitor was known to one of the sitters, and was going to step back for a bit and then return to try to make himself as visibly materialized as possible! It was at that moment that I clearly heard footsteps on the hard linoleum floor, and called out what I was hearing. Others then verified that they could hear them as well. They sounded as if the feet were in shoes, and the wearer as purposefully exaggerating the steps so that it was almost a gentle slapping sound of leather soles against the hard floor. I listened in shock as they came over my way, and then I felt a foot press down on my right foot! It was so unexpected that I was laughing almost uncontrollably as I screamed out, “Someone is standing on my foot!” The entire room burst into laughter, people calling out, “No, are you serious? Really!!!??” And the foot responded by doing it again! Clearly I was being teased—it didn’t hurt, even though I was only wearing socks, and I could tell it was meant to make me laugh. I’m still not sure that everyone believed me. All I could think of saying out loud was “Thank you, would you like to sit in my lap?” Much more laughter from everyone. I was quite serious about this request, and a bit disappointed to hear the footsteps then resume their slapping sounds for a couple more seconds as they walked back toward the bucket before stopping entirely.

Hans then relayed that the Chemists were requesting the next experiment with the illumined panel, a piece of cardboard also coated with glow paint. Its purpose was to allow spirit energies that formed into hands be visible against the panel, while also trying to manipulate it. A hand form appeared quickly, at times only a finger or two, and several times at least 4 fingers and possibly a thumb was darkly outlined on the panel. The fingers appeared to flex like fingers, and also swell a bit and then recede in size.

It was interesting that some people, including a few who were sitting almost directly behind the bucket, said they were unable to see the hand, while others who were further away, including myself, were able to see it moving about with little difficulty. While some speculated that this was possibly due to the angle of perspective, and to which I concede as probable, I had also visibly and clairvoyantly noted that the energy fields of some sitters were the dimmest in terms of enthusiasm and somewhat denser, perhaps from shyness, skepticism, or both.

The hand, however, was not lacking in enthusiasm, and pulled the panel nearly off the bucket until it was teetering on the edge. Julia was given permission by Hans to break chain and place the panel back to the bucket’s center. Julia continued to sing softly to herself as she moved from her seat, and then back to it.

We were then notified by Hans that our Visitor had returned, and immediately many of us could see a very dim kind of “phosphorescence” — like glowing steam in the shape of a small cloud, shifting in ambiguous shape as it drifted very slowly from the direction of the cabinet to the center of the room, and then quietly faded away in the dark. Hans said that the Visitor would be back to try again a bit later.

Up to this point, there had been a noticeable absence of the independent spirit lights often seen traveling throughout the space. But then, almost upon the heels of the Visitor’s departure, a single light appeared near the cabinet, about 6 feet from the floor, and began moving about the room. An inch or two in diameter and yellowish-green, it darted here and there, as if looking for something. It then vanished, but was followed by several others that also began whizzing around the room. The spirit lights had arrived! As in many past sittings, as their numbers increased, so did the variety of their paths and speed. Many of us exclaimed at feeling the breezes their speeds created as they flew past our faces, no more than a hair’s breadth away. There were constant cries of delight as the lights began teasing us, bouncing off our heads, hands, shoulders and knees. To me, their touches felt soft and rubbery, while others described them in different terms, and still others had no language for it. There were perhaps a couple dozen of the lights traveling throughout the space at the same time. As with the illuminated panel, there were some who said they didn’t see very many lights, or were touched by them. I noticed that when my friend who sat directly across the room from me was exclaiming about all the lights swarming about him, I couldn’t see them. Either something was obscuring them from me, or perhaps it was a spirit hand or other form that was holding the light that blocked my view.

[Incidentally, I had reported in the 2013 sittings that one of the lights had come up and rather forcibly grabbed one of my nipples and twisted it before zipping back off into the dark. I related this to Kai after tonight's sitting in 2014, and he shared that the same thing had happened to him at a Lakota yuwipi ceremony, which is a Native American healing and mediumistic event. One of the Native Americans told him that this is not unknown to happen, and means that Spirit is choosing the person for something. Although it didn't happen this year, I kind of missed it. I also now wonder exactly what I was being chosen for—pole dancing?] 

After one of the sittings, Kai related about one experiment where a “pillar” or “cone” of concentrated red light was fixed in the darkness from ceiling to floor. When the spirit lights were outside the red zone, they appeared as the usual yellow-green spheres. But when they flew through the red zone, they appeared as small pieces of flat, white fabric, almost like kerchiefs that undulated and flapped, like moths near a candle flame.

This was the first physical mediumship sitting for the sitter to my right, D., [i] who was practically lit up herself by mixed emotions of excitement and trepidation. At first, and perhaps like others new to this phenomenon, she sounded a bit scared, and of course, how could one not be startled when something this weird and wonderful is happening for the first time?  I encouraged D. to thank Spirit and ask for more if she wanted more, and she began to do so. Spirit seemed to understand her anxiety, as I noticed that at first the lights often touched our two hands at the same time as they were clasped together in chain. This way, we both could validate we were having the same experience at the same time, and not imagining or hallucinating it. I also noticed that sometimes, even though I could see a light bounce off her leg, I could feel it as if it were also touching my leg at the same time. Other sitters also reported this same kind of separate-but-shared experience afterwards.

Hans then demonstrated how medium could control the movement of a spirit light object. As asked by Hans, Howie reported aloud that he was hanging onto medium’s hands, which were apparently moving about in various ways in the darkness, and that they matched exactly the movements of a spirit light. This ability was demonstrated for several minutes, and was yet another new experience for me.

The lights began to grow fewer in number and as the last one winked out, Hans the directed Julie to turn on the red light, very dimly. He was seen to be sitting outside the cabinet at the very edge but not beyond the boundary taped to the floor, then asked who the youngest person in the circle was, which turned out to be R., aged 17. He asked h er to come and sit—if she wanted to—on the floor just before him, and she did so. He asked her to cup her hands up beneath his, which were outstretched and overturned just above hers. He said that he was going to give her a special present from someone who was in Spirit and connected with her in a special way, adding that the person’s initial would be somewhere on the object. Immediately we all heard a tiny “plink” on the tile floor, startling us as we were expecting it to fall in R.’s hands. Hans, apparently unable to see clearly through the medium’s eyes, asked, “Did you get it? Where is it?” When we informed him that we found it on the floor, he replied very dryly, “Well.” His humorous timing impeccable as always, everyone laughed. I wonder if this was intentional on Hans’ part, to miss her hands, or if it was another skillful use to keep the good vibrations high and flowing. The apport turned out to be a very tiny sitting Buddah figure, cast in some kind of metal; however it was so small as to evade our attempts to find the initials, which probably could only be found with a magnifying glass. It is hoped that if initials are found that the discovery is shared with us.

Hans then announced it was time for the trumpet experiment. Made of cardboard, the wider end of the cone had small, rectangular pieces of glow tape pasted around it, so that its movements could be followed in the dark. When asked why the trumpet couldn’t be illuminated at both ends, or on the sides, Julia explained that this had been tried in the past, but the Chemists found that this resulted in too much physical light that then interfered with the energies needed to levitate the trumpet.

In past sittings, Hans would have the trumpet placed near his foot, and he would then kick it out into the force field, as if to give it a “boost.” This time, he picked it up and threw it, where it landed next to the bucket, a considerable distance to cross in pitch blackness. As in the past, we were asked to collectively count aloud from 5 to 0 and then gently but firmly squeeze our hands, which would send energy forth to be “skimmed” by the chemists. We did this twice without success, but upon counting down from 10 to 0, the trumpet began to rock back and forth on the floor, and the levitated into the air at a level of about 5 feet, and began circling the room. Its movements became faster and more complex, swirling and turning about in arcs with unbelievable precision past the faces of sitters. It utilized that high ceiling to show that it could move far above anyone’s reach. It was soon touching sitters—on the hands, legs, shoulders, head, even on the face. Like the spirit lights, it moved so fast past me that I could feel breezes in its wake. As it had last year, it began to focus more and more on me, bopping me on the head, poking me in the chest, as if to command, “Laugh, damn you, laugh!” I found myself filled with such a vibrant energy of love and silliness that later people were commenting, “Oh, so that was you who was doing all the crazy laughing across the room!”

After entertaining us for quite a while, the trumpet sank to the floor, only to quiver and then rise to begin circling the room again. This attested to the wonderful amount of energy collectively gathered by the sitters for the Chemists to skim. After about 15 minutes more of activity, the trumpet descended to the floor and stayed still.

Hans then announced that the Visitor had returned, and once again we witnessed a kind of glowing or phosphorescent “energy cloud” drift from the cabinet and out into the room. It was perhaps 1 foot in length and 6 inches in height, moving along the floor at first—very, very slowly—changing shape and pulsing with its dim light. It then lengthened in height, and demonstrated clear signs of life as only a living thing can do. One of the sitters commented that its now long, thin shape appeared to be like that of a snake, and someone else thought it looked like a cobra as it seemed to “unfold” and lengthen even more, with a wider shape at the top that gave the appearance of a head of some kind. By then it was more than 3 feet in height, perhaps 4, and then levitated above the floor at a distance of about 2 feet. It continued to undulate forward, still extremely slowly, and then turn around and go back towards the cabinet, at which point it vanished like steam dissipating.

What I was able to see was that this was not a snake or some other amorphous form, but an actual person, who was walking extremely and even agonizingly slowly, almost as if trying to balance on a tight-rope, while gathering energy and materializing from the ground up. This ground-up materialization of form has often been seen in many physical mediumship séances, according to much of the literature. It also appeared to me that this person was either wearing some kind of flowing fabric that was glowing, or it was an energetic substance that appeared like fabric and was allowing them to materialize and move.

Hans then utilized the medium to demonstrate ectoplasm. As in the past, Hans would give the foot-tapping signal for Julia and Howie to open the cabinet curtains and turn on the red dimmer light, and we watched as the medium’s hands pulled the mysterious bright white, web-like substance from the mouth toward the floor. This process of opening and closing the cabinet happened several more times before there was enough ectoplasm gather on the floor between the medium’s legs. It was clearly seen that the substance was pulsating as if alive and breathing, and slowly a hand-like form briefly emerged from it, with fingers waving slowly at us. It then reshaped itself into an ambiguous, mound-like shape, from which emerged the special apport for G., the sitter who had not arrived that night due to circumstances of health.

Hans explained that this apport was actually created by the Chemists using substances from various dimensions. At the beginning of the séance, when Hans was alerting us about this forth-coming apport, he spoke about the spiritual qualities of the human eye. In somewhat halting, metaphysical terms, he seemed to be saying that the eye was a portal not to just the brain, but to many greater dimensions. Further, that as it perceived, it not only projected, but also gathered energies, which could then be utilized in an unlimited number of creative ways in one’s universe. The apport the Chemists created for G. would be such an artifact, using energies that had been collected by the combined visual energies of that night’s group of sitters, as well as from persons of healing in other spiritual dimensions As can be seen in the photo of this apport, its clear, polished crystalline structure supports the concept of gathered, focused and crystallized light energies. [ii]

As the energies of sitters and Spirit alike began to wane, and bladders waxed, the energy began to slow and subside, and we began to close the night’s circle. But not before Hans spoke for a few minutes further about how the Chemists worked, using quantum forces that relayed information “at the tips” of the forces, through folded space-time. Indeed, as mentioned in some detail in the 2013report, Hans had referred to ectoplasm as an “artifact resulting as a side-effect of the Chemists’ attempts to cross-breed two different dimensional realities.” He also referred to it during several sittings as “something that received the Chemists’ information” and which then “mirrored” it as form and movement. It was also information from our own dreams and subconscious images that could also be mirrored by the beginning ectoplasmic energies and then be drawn back to us with bumps and caresses. He also repeated something I’ve heard from him several times—that we on Earth are projections from a higher into a lower dimension; we don’t usually realize this consciously. Spirit does consciously exists in an informational dimension. He has often referred to himself and his Spirit Team as “of the informational.”

To demonstrate what I might call a “side-effect” of the residual energy left from the quantum informational transfer, Hans and the Chemists somehow used the energy to release intensely bright flashes of ultra-white light, which was practically blinding to us even though it was contained in the cabinet, and only some of it escaped through the spaces in the fabric of the cabinet.

The Circle was then closed with a spiritual declaration of thankfulness and love, which was further enhanced by the wonderful food Howie and Christina had provided for the grateful but weary, hungry explorers of Spirit.

After this séance and the table tipping sitting, there was time spent processing about our individual and collective experiences, and it was mutually agreed that while external, environmental factors played significant parts in how we perceived the phenomena, the internal environment of each sitter played perhaps an even greater part in determining individual and collective experiences. One sitter, S., emphasized the need for entrainment. defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to synchronize and lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. Entrainment is universal, appearing in chemistry, biology, psychology, astronomy, architecture and many more realms. Examples are playground swings that are swinging out of sync but then adjust, or one may be in a clock store and notice the pendulum clocks of the same size swinging back and forth in unison. Scientists believe that small amounts of energy are transferred between the two systems when they are out of phase in such a way as to produce negative feedback, thereby manifesting a more stable phase relationship.

I would add that not only is entrainment between sitters is necessary for a successful sitting, but between sitters and those in Spirit. I can understand if someone might think about those in spirit in over-serious and solemn terms, hoping to show their earnestness and respect. These are good qualities, of course, but we must not act as if we’re the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock—quite the reverse! I’m rather thankful for the darkness of the séance room, for if anyone could have seen my facial expressions and body language, surely they would have thought that either I was channeling a 4-year old little boy who could barely contain himself waiting for Christmas morning, or had finally stepped over the line between sane and insane facial expressions and body behavior. I can only feel a little sad for any pilgrims who might have been in the room.

In terms of security measures, I find myself wondering what the future holds. At this point, Julia can use a metal detector wand, and we can leave our jewelry and technology outside the room. But at some point, perhaps not too distant in the future, people will begin having technology implanted, going from “google glasses” to lenses in the eyes and chips in the brain. Such things are no longer science fiction but actual facts. People will be able to record events directly from their bodies. Will it be even less possible to provide the safety needed for the sake of the medium and the phenomena, or even impossible at some point?

And so, as I close this report, I would like to repeat what was suggested at the end of the last report:

Suggestions to Maximize a Sitting Experience.

1)      Inspiration. Knowledge is not only power, it exercises and expands one’s mental realm, increasing the space for more. The more data the brain has to work with, the greater one’s creative output. When there is more creative activity, higher vibrations will develop which quiets anxiety and allows one to rise to still higher states of awareness. Serious sitters should strive to learn all they can about physical mediumship—not only techniques and process, but its history. Connecting with the literature will connect one with the spirit energies still actively inherent in it.

2)      Participation. When Hans said to “enter into the spirit of it” he meant it literally. We speak of “the spirit of a thing,” like that of Christmas or Hallowe’en. One must venture deeply inward during a physical séance, allowing the psyche to become electrified with emotional inspiration yet without becoming intoxicated—this is why one must also be grounded and sane, for these are very powerful forces. A most effective way of achieving this is to deliberately connect with someone in Spirit—yet another reason why issues of grief must be resolved. My link with Tim remains active and vibrant, one of love and passion, and I opened myself to feeling his loving presence and even his substantiality so strongly that I wept with a feeling best described as “triumphant relief.”

3)      3) Celebration. Kai and Hans insisted that sitters not just sit there, but do something. And not in silence—for if ever there was an occasion that requires each person to abandon all shyness and bare their rowdy divinity, this was it.  Sing, laugh and applaud as if this was the first day of your new life! A celebration also means gifts, which can only come through giving—so we must give more to receive more.

[I also sat at a table-tipping sitting two nights after this main sitting, and hope to present my report in a future posting.]

[i] Unless permission was able to be obtained to reveal full names, sitters are represented by an initial—not just for confidentiality purposes but to acknowledge their contribution.
[ii] Thanks to Roberto H. for the splendid photo of G.’s apport, and to Jack P. for that of the Buddah statue.