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From The Archives: The Interpenetration of Dimensions—Risen & Other

[ — First posted 7/28/08. After we read his book, Philip then read ours, and provided a supportive endorsement for the back cover:

The Risen is a great read and truly inspirational. For those of you who have lost loved ones, this book will give you the strength to carry on. It is also a must for anyone who wants knowledge of other levels of existence beyond our mortal life. If you are a researcher, psychic, or a person who wants to know more about the other realms, then you must read this amazing work!” —]

I recently finished reading Philip Imbrogno’s new book, Interdimensional Universe: The New Science of UFOs, Paranormal Phenomena and Otherdimensional Beings (Lewellyn Publications, 2008). Philip has been a much respected authority in the UFO field for quite some time. I have a certain amount of interest in UFOs (who doesn’t?) but the subject has been so hashed and rehashed, resulting in little other than continued academic ankle-biting amongst the scientific community, and a lot of monetary and intellectual profiteering amongst the rest of us—I just keep my thoughts to myself. Philip’s book may be finally the breakthrough that lifts the subject into a higher vibrating state of awareness.

My interest was captured by the word “otherdimensional” – although our book, The Risen, does not address the subject of UFOs per se, it does go into depth about the Risen concept of other interpenetrating dimensions, from a “dummied down” scientific point of view as well as a Risen perspective. Philip also extrapolates from an adventure into the realm of “non-human” contact – not just ET’s, but also “other worldly” beings, such as angels and jinn. It’s only a next step for well-informed, rational readers to apply this context to sightings of faeries, ghosts, religious visitations and the like over the last millennia, to catch the thread of thought that perhaps all “paranormal” or “extra-sensory” experiences are achieved through interdimensional windows and doorways – these last two numina are an integral part of The Risen book. (Philip has also written about some of these aspects in his excellent book, Celtic Mysteries Windows to Another Dimension in America's Northeast.)

Tim would like to add something here —

“Although we don’t address the UFO situation in our book, August, simply because it’s another book in itself—and I know we have differing and changing opinions about this—I would like to use this bit of space here to suggest something that will be controversial—so what else is new? This suggestion is that the reason humankind has had this kind of ongoing, underlying, unresolved ‘angst’ about the possibility of being ‘alone in the universe’ is perhaps because humankind is alone—in their universe. Perhaps their universe—meaning all the innumerable, uncountable galaxies of immeasurable distance, and in which Earth is inextricably enmeshed—was created solely for humankind as their very own playground and workshop, to explore to their heart’s content, without interference from other non-humankinds. There are those on Earth who would understand that this ‘isolation’ of humankind might be for a very good reason—mainly because presently they’re too dangerous to be allowed to roam freely amongst other material beings—it’s obvious they can’t refrain from hurting themselves and each other, including children and animals. By the time they’ve worked out their anger management issues—including the resolution of the evolutionary challenges of the ego-mind—perhaps interdimensional communication will reveal itself to them and then they’ll be able to safely intermingle with others—who, perhaps, were also ‘quarantined’ for the beginning phases of their own psycho-spiritual evolution—and now are able to ‘drop in’ on Earth via their interdimensional technology.”

“Ok, Tim, all these ‘suggestions’ and “perhapses’ kind of make sense. But what about all the ‘bad guys,’ the malevolent, negative types who seem to find their way to our doorstep—it doesn’t seem like they worked out their anger management issues too well, does it? In his book, Philip touches upon these negative types who have plagued humans for countless centuries.”

“Good point, Augie, and yes, it does look like there are beings that somehow ‘broke quarantine.’ So imagine if humankind discovered how to safely utilize interdimensional travel at this point—I mean, just look at the state of your airlines, for god’s sake. You think customer service is going to be improved very much more on the Interdimensional Express Shuttle? And what’s to stop your corporations from trying to put up billboards, or from your religious leaders from spreading the good word and other bad shit, or for criminals, runaways, and stowaways to hitch rides to escape the cops, abusive parents, or to establish their own idealistic utopias? Ok, don’t get me started!”

“Indeed, Tim, slow down. You can put it in the next book, ok? And I think we should just quietly drop the subject for now, you know how I dislike controversy.”

Tim reminds me of the Scole Group’s experiments as a group of mediums working with the Risen to develop “non-ectoplasmic” methods of inter-astral communication, and especially to allow those in spirit to enter our world in a kind of physical form. Although they made great and exciting progress, they had to shut it all down, because some kind of “malevolent other-dimensional beings,” attracted to the energy portals being produced, suddenly tried to appropriate it to use for their own doorways to our universe and other universes. See The Scole Experiment for more and about their book as well.

As a final recommendation to Philip’s splendid book, be sure to check out his appendix, “Listing of Individuals and Organizations You May Want to Contact for Further Information” Marc, we’re thinking especially of you in particular regarding SPACE.

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