Saturday, September 03, 2011

In Progress: "Risen On Earth": Perfection

(The following is part of an on-going series of entries from the raw material that is being transmitted by the Risen Assembly, and discerned by August and Tim, and will be finding its way into their next book, Risen On Earth.)(© Tempestina Teapot Books 2011)

I have asked the Risen, at different times and in different ways, "As it has sometimes been advised to us on earth, are you also advised to be perfect in all ways; do you strive for it, and are you successful?" They have answered in as many different ways, which could be summed thusly: 
"It could be said that in our new geography, we are more aware of what perfection is and is not. Our achieved awareness is that there is no 'is not' and so perfection is. There is only One, which is us, you, everyone at once together. So we do not strive, but rather, in our thinking move toward or away from the awareness of the 'is of perfection.' Whether on earth, or where we are, each individuated part of the whole -- that is, each individual -- is able to freely choose to move in different, individuated ways, with more or less ease, the movement of which is completely dependent on one's use of Mind. That is, on creating thoughts to manifest what is. And since 'what is' is all there is, there is only perfection. Any seeming lack of perfection is the result of some kind of inaccuracy -- intentional or not --  in the use of Mind. When one reaches a certain level of awareness, of being awake, the use of thought can no longer be unintentional. If one is still thinking in terms of imperfection, it is due to certain veils being worn that blind and deafen the senses of what is."

(© Tempestina Teapot Books 2011)