Saturday, October 12, 2013

Forever Family Foundation Broadcast at FEG

Our favorite people at The Forever Family Foundation have archived the stimulating September 5 show they broadcast regarding their attendance of the Felix Experimental Group's (FEG) seances in September. Their famous show is called Signs of Life, and we're sure you'll be astonished by the list of past and future guests!  August was able to phone in and join them for a bit, having attended the seances as well. We'd be curious to hear  your reaction and response.

Listen to the September 5th show here. August's detailed report of the historic sittings are here.

Obviously they could do another show or two on their experience, having barely scratched the surface - if you want to hear more, let them know. Also consider becoming a member to aid them in their amazing work to provide support for those in grief and bereavement.

August has been honored to have done two shows with them in the past.

Love & Blessings to All,
August & Tim