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Where is Moose & Squirrel?

[First posted April 26, 2007]

[This posting has given rise to some new comments now in March of 2011, and so is being reposted in hopes of stimulating more rousing good stuff!]

My apologies, to anyone who noticed, regarding my long absence from these pages. Rest assured, I’m still in the world, although still not of it. Life on this physical dimension increasingly demands more and more, while seemingly giving less in return. Perhaps this is as it’s meant to be, in life-long transition from this plane to the next. Life in a place such as New York City requires existence in an altogether different dimension as well. It is not the United States; it is not the American Prairie; it is a thriving hive of humans and aliens; some of us have cars, and some have spaceships. Many have iPods and other things stuck in their heads.

Tim has been far, far away – far off somewhere — time-traveling, studying, forging new alliances, translating the heretofore untranslatable. Like many relationships ours takes vacations. It’s been 17 years since Tim left the planet, and there is little on Earth, if anything, that’s still of interest to him – it’s in the past. The call of the Great Cosmos Beyond is too alluring for him to ignore. Love keeps us in contact in tiny rills, while our vastly different biopsychophysical situations keep us rivers apart. The heavens continue to spin, and centripetal forces spiral our personal time-lines in very different directions, while our shared psychological history becomes ingreasingly less intelligible to one another. We must live almost solely heart to heart now.

Consciously aware of ourselves as immortal beings, we tend not to worry much about time any more.

My mediumship concerns have been taking a backseat to life in the hive. But now it seems to be perking up a bit again, since a medium I’ve known for sometime, but never met until recently, contacted me. Sidney Schwartz, a medium and minister of Gifts of The Spirit Church, and recently back from studies at the Arthur Findlay College of mediumship development in England, was excited to tell me that finally he was able to schedule several séances in our area with the physical medium, Hoyt Robinette. Sidney is a delightful, sincere and earnest medium always seeking to enrich his skills.

Hoyt, also a minister, conducts trumpet séances. These séances take place in total darkness. While the medium goes into “death trance” (completely unconscious), Spirit utilizes his ectoplasm to create a kind of artificial larynx for disembodied folks to utilize for speaking. (Since they no longer have a material body on our plane, this is needed for them to speak.) Communication in their realms is primarily mind-to-mind, and not physically vocalized, so they often are challenged to make themselves heard and understood; the artificial organ also produces odd-sounding vocalizations. To correct for this, Spirit uses a “trumpet” – a cone-shaped aluminum device, to position in front of the larynx and amplify the spirit voice. The trumpet typically has strips of phosphorescent paper taped to it so it can be seen rising through the air in the darkness, supported and manipulated by ectoplasmic “rods” created by the spirit techs for this purpose. This is a rare form of physical mediumship, seldom seen these days, although much more common many decades ago.

Reverend Robinette also conducts séances that produce “precipitated art” – see The Bangs Sisters for the ultimate example in this also very rare example of physical mediumship (as reported by my colleague, the spiritualist historian N. Riley Heagerty.) Simply explained, Spirit causes images – paintings – to materialize onto some surface – canvas, paper, silk or even walls. No brushes, pencils or other such tools are directly used; rather the actual molecules of pigments are dematerialized from their source, such as a pastel crayon, and then rematerialized onto the surface. Because the pigments are deposited in this way, they are said to be “precipitated.” These works are quite phenomenal, and no brushstrokes or pressure marks from drawing implements are evident. The surface is said to resemble the coloured “dust” on a butterfly’s wings. Sometimes, pigments are taken from unknown sources. The finished work takes little time to produce. The Bangs Sisters were able to facilitate the precipitation of large canvases in broad daylight, in front of audiences of hundreds of people. Rev. Hoyt lives quite close to one of the larger collections of their paintings, and Rev. Schwartz has seen them several times, describing them as “indescribable.”

The trumpet séance was disappointing. Perhaps I'm totally mistaken, but it seemed me, with my rich background of many years in music and vocal studies, that the voices coming from the trumpet in pitch blackness all belonged to the medium – male and female. There was no mistaking the easily-identifiable vocal cadences and phrasing patterns, (including his deep Southern accent) -- which are next-to-impossible to erase without years of professional study, as any actor will tell you. Also, in every one of the many accounts I’ve read, the trumpet is always manipulated by Spirit with amazing speed and deftness, bringing it up to the top of the ceiling, and sailing it about the room without once bumping into anything, in order to show the impossibility of the medium having anything to do with its movements. The trumpet in this séance never went any higher than the shoulders of the seated medium, who was supposedly dead to the world. Sometimes it would point towards the particular sitter being addressed. There were two trumpets for this séance, but the other trumpet never moved. This was also strange. Spirit people tend to like to show off, but they didn’t take advantage of the opportunity this time.

The messages that came out of the trumpet also seemed trite and predictable. Of the 13 sitters, nobody, as far as I could tell, received any information from a deceased loved one. All of the “spirits” were Indian chieftains and child-like spirit guides. This is not surprising, since the majority of the sitters were all seasoned new-age spiritualist/metaphysical seekers, and had sat at Hoyt’s séances before. Everyone knew everyone’s guides, so it was quite clique-y. My spirit messenger was the exception to the lot – an “Ascended Master” – St. Germain: no small potatoes! He informed me that he had been working with me for many years, and would continue to do so, and “great things” were in store for me, including a trip to France and then to England. “Not on my budget,” I informed him back, “So unless one of us wins the lottery, it will be a true miracle indeed.” This caused a lot of laughter (and I thought I detected nervous laughter from Saint Germain.) When asked if I had a question for him (every “spirit" asked this) I answered briefly: “Nope.” Nervous silence this time. I did add that I would be glad to work with him, and was his humble servant, etc., etc. just to give it a nice and discomforting twist of a questioning nature. Everyone else was oo-ing and ah-ing because of the supposed high status of St. Germain (or "Ol’ Germy," as I now like to call him.

One of the sitters, a serious developing medium in training, questioned her “guide’s” assertions, and asked, in the traditional matter of confirmation, for her guide to give her two signs so that she could validate what he said. Her guide got all uppity and defensive: “Well, if you don’t want to work with me, there are plenty of others who would be more than happy to.” The sitter stood up to him a bit, and asserted that as a developing medium, it was the correct procedure and so wouldn’t apologize. But then she backed down a bit and said, “but of course I will work with you, don’t get me wrong.” This exchange was also very odd to me – as someone in spirit, especially a learned guide – and historical documentation backs me up here – would never get defensive or abusive, but rather would say something like, “You’re absolutely right, I understand this need and so will do my best to find a way to give you little or no doubt that I am who I say I am, because truth and trust are essential.” Validation is of the utmost importance in these matters, and many people have been very mislead by people in spirit who are not who or what they say they are.

As a special treat, we were given apports, which are objects materialized by Spirit as gifts. We each received a tiny little polished gemstone, and one person was told that the little gold cross was for him. They came rattling out of the trumpet and onto the floor in the dark, making an impressive racket as they shot through the tin cone and bounced off a small table in the center of the room. I leave it to the reader to think about whether these objects were true apports. While I'm not outright suggesting fraud, I am suggesting the clarifying power of doubt and healthy skepticism.

The next night was the séance for precipitated cards. This was in a small, brightly lit room rented from a small church in the city, and we sat in rows facing a lectern. We had to fill out small slips of paper – known as “billets” in spiritualist parlance – with our name on it, a few names of deceased loved ones or guides, and a question. The billets were folded on half once only and kept on the lectern in plain sight. Then Hoyt took a brand new pack of 3x5 blank white cards, which he gave to a member to unwrap and examine to confirm they were blank. These cards went into a “snake basket” – a tightly woven fibre-basket with a lid, which kept any light from entering – and layered with all kinds of coloured pencils, crayons, markers and oil pastels, and then the basket set off to the side in full view. The very bright fluorescent lights overhead were kept on at all times while the medium taped his eyes over with 3 strips of some kind of white sticky tape – based on all his experience, I would think he should have used surgical tape, but I believe he chose it to distract us. When he took it off at the end, he made a big show of how difficult it was to painfully peel off. Surgical tape would not do this.

He then spent the next hour “discerning” the information on the billets, holding each one in his hands, each billet fully open, stroking and creasing them in his fingers, holding them at arm’s length below his nose - and demonstrating that he was picking up the information on them while blindfolded.

Sometimes, I could tell he would actually go into genuine direct trance because he would suddenly have a hard time standing and speaking, while some Spirit would come through in a rush of words and phrases, often hard to catch.

Finally he finished discerning for everyone (about 15 people) and brought the basket over to the lectern, opened it and immediately began passing out cards - each person’s name was on the back of the previously blank card. He did not hesitate or fumble around with this, and did not do anything that suggested he was substituting already made-up cards for the blank ones.


My card was first to come out, and is simply, beautifully, awesome.

Keep in mind that this is a 3x5 inch card. That's pretty small. This turned out to be one of the most spectacular of precipitated cards in the group, although my companion’s was quite beautiful as well. I hope to get a scan of it at some time. All cards where photographed by Sidney for the archives. There have been literally many hundreds of these cards to emerge from the basket over the years. It is impossible to portray in words the realism of the pictures – they look almost like Polaroid photos, but with great depth and texture.

On the back, written in different colors, and in similar but still different looking hands, were names: St. Germain, Dr. Yorio, Chief Wise Owl, and Golden Feather. I glanced at them briefly, because I wanted to just gaze at my amazing card. Because of something the medium had said, everyone assumed this was a picture of one the guide named Dr. Yorio. [Later, I did an internet search and immediately came up with the NY Times 1989 obituary for Dr. Carlos Alfredo Yorio, a linguistics professor in NYC. Although the obit listed his death due to organ failure, it was clear he died from AIDS (few, if any obits used the term then) but it did note that he was survived by a long-time male partner, something only the NYTimes did in those days.] So this seemed a very plausible candidate for a guide for me – rather more than coincidental, given that Tim had died of AIDS in 1990. Even more telling – Dr. Yorio had lived with his partner just a few blocks north of me. Unfortunately, because there the Internet had barely accessible by the public in 1989 -- if at all -- there was next to nothing about Dr. Yorio, and of course, no photos.

I finally turned the card back over to look at the names again, and this time there was a new one, which hadn’t been there before, but was now there, in bright neon yellow, and very difficult to read, in tiny letters. Finally my friend was able to make it out: Boris Pasternak. Who the hell is that? I asked. A few people knew who he was, mainly as the Russian author of Dr. Zhivago. I also later learned that he was a well-known part-time composer and honoured Nobel Prize-winner poet of Russian-Jewish origin. I was barely able to take in that the name had appeared by itself while in my hands, and had no idea why Boris’s name was there!

Some quick research yielded much information about this famous person, as well as photographs. And it was immediately apparent that my card was unmistakably a startling photo-realistic rendition of Boris Pasternak, not Dr. Yorio. The little blobby thing of light next to the portrait still remains a mystery to me – it looks almost as if it were the result of some kind of process in art known as “resist” where the surface rejects pigments due to waxes or oils on the surface. I have a feeling it’s significant in some way, and might even be one of the other spirit guides who is developed to the point where they are beyond pictorial representation, other than some kind of light.

As an artist, and professionally trained in many methods and materials, especially painting and drawing, I have an especially keen eye and understanding of the process of producing a detailed, 2-D rendition. I examined my card with a magnifying glass for hours, and was frankly startled by the detail in such a small space – the pupil of the eye was so detailed that it quite freaked me out, I couldn’t imagine how it was done, especially because it appeared to be done with oil pastels, very difficult and messy things to use. Or rather, I should say, with the pigments of oil pastels. If anyone tried to produce such a brilliantly, heavily-rendered portrait on such a small piece of thin paper with pastels, the paper would surely be creased, wrinkled, work-worn and marked with indentations pressing through. Not so with this card. It is as if pigment was literally, somehow, dusted – precipitated is really the right word – in layers and layers, carefully building up a micron-thin image. Under the magnifying glass, it looked like sediment, as if the card has rested underwater and microscopic, coloured mud particles had settled, layer by layer, until a face appeared. There were no brush marks, no crayon marks, no pencil or pen marks. The surface was mysteriously smooth and slightly shiny. The backs of the cards were basically untouched but for the names and a few light coloured scratches as if they had rubbed lightly against the pastels while in the basket.

Other participants had very amazing pictures as well – there were quite a few Native American images, mostly all very small, perfect miniatures, sometimes several faces on one card. All presented with incredible precision and ultra-photorealism, with exaggerated, brilliant fauve-ist colours. My friend had a rendition of Chief White Eagle, the largest of all the Indian paintings, and hauntingly beautiful.


My beautiful painting, now framed and resting against a lamp on the dresser at home, haunts me. No pun intended, (I think.) Why the hell would Boris Pasternak cause his spirit photo to materialize on a little card for me, I asked myself yesterday morning while brushing my teeth. I don’t even know anyone named Boris, and never have. So I challenged – “Ok, Boris – if you’re for real, and this is for real, and for some reason you’re insinuating that we’re connected, or going to be connected – I need a sign – doesn’t matter what, just something that will get my attention and I can attribute to you. Over and out.”

I then completely forgot about this request to the air, mainly because I next went into the bedroom to discover that Fiona & McHenry (aka Satan’s Little Helpers) had cornered a big, fat bumblebee on the windowsill. I quickly got them away and was able to catch the bee and release it unharmed outside. I checked the little imps to make sure they weren’t stung, and as far as I could tell, they were fine. Whew! An hour later, though, McHenry came and showed me the right side of his face, swollen out like a golf ball (see his photo above - awwwww, poor boo-boo!) Completely panicking, I threw on some clothes and sandals and the got us in a cab to the vet. It was fortunate it was a bumble bee, since their sting is less toxic than that of a honeybee, and also, unlike a honeybee, don’t imbed and lose their stinger in the stingee. Still, McH.'s face and neck were quite swollen, but his heart was fine and no deadly allergic reaction was indicated. He received a shot of benadryl for his efforts, and I a few more stress lines for mine.

Back at the ranch, I rested in bed with McH. at my side, keeping him under observation for the next couple hours. I rarely keep the phone ringer on at home, nor the volume of the answering machine, but had turned both on in case the vet called later. I’m also never home at that time, but at work. When the phone rang, I assumed it would be the vet or a friend concerned about McHenry. Instead I heard some man leaving a message on the machine, someone I didn’t know, but I picked up anyway. He said hello and continued to talk about himself, his mother, and other things that made no sense. The connection was also strange, and I could hear my voice echo back whenever I tried to speak. Finally I was able to get a word in edgewise: “Who is this?”

This is Boris.

(It did not occur to me to connect this with the card. This is the usual amnesia-like stuff that goes on when something spirit-numinous is occurring.)

— Why are you calling me, Boris?

Because my mother told me to.

The short version of a very long and stupid, insensible conversation is that this young man was harassed by his mother to call me because I was a therapist who specialized in gender and sexuality issues. However, he did not have any of these issues, and was a happily out and partnered gay man. He didn’t want or need therapy (but clearly his mother did.) It seems he was calling just so he could tell his mother that he called, to get her off his back. He added:

That is how we Russian Jews are.

— Well, yes, ok. Whatever. I have a sick cat who needs me. Good luck. Goodbye.

I was never able to ascertain how Boris’s mother got my number, as it was my home, not office number. He had no idea either and really couldn’t tell me exactly why he was calling, and seemed rather puzzled about it himself.

Later, while on my way to work, it suddenly struck me that this was Boris Pasternak’s witty way of meeting my condition. Somehow he had orchestrated to influence a total stranger to influence her son, Boris, a Russian Jew (like Pasternak) to call me and say “This is Boris.” I’m not a statistician, but I imagine the odds are quite steep here. Especially given the fact that I’m never home at that time or even have the ringer turned on.

My world would appear to be changing radically again, and I’ve really no idea what’s going on.

I have asked Boris to provide me with at least one more, or possibly two, signs.

Stay tuned.


At Thu May 28, 05:48:00 PM 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you have an email?

At Thu May 28, 10:37:00 PM 2009, Blogger August Goforth said...

At Wed Aug 04, 10:46:00 AM 2010, Blogger skye said...

I can understand how any of Hoyt Robinette's 'offerings' at seance could be faked EXCEPT the spirit cards. I do not think there is any explanation except that they are real. I have seen two such cards in person and I agree that they are very complex, almost 3D. I am going to see Hoyt in October and plan to sit near the snake basket. I also think it will be useful to have thought about my billet question a while before I get there. If you want, I can scan my card when I receive it and email it to you. Skye

At Wed Aug 04, 11:54:00 AM 2010, Blogger August Goforth said...

Thanks for the offer, Skye - we'd love to see scans of any cards you receive, and with your permission, present it here at the blog.

I know that mine is quite real. I keep it framed and in sight, for it's emits an amazing energy connected to this particular guide. Also, over time, the quality or nature of the "pigments" has changed, and looks like a different substance altogether - it's become "glittery" with a very beautiful effect.

At Fri Mar 25, 04:52:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Hoyt last night and believe he is a fraud, sorry, but I asked for confirmation from my own guides, and completely got a grose feeling around everything that he was doing. He looked like he was reading from the billets. One man in the group didn't put in a billet, and didn't get a reading until the end. Nothing Hoyt said was senseable. Sorry, I feel I was dooped

At Fri Mar 25, 05:51:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I attended one of these events and went with an open and curious mind. Trusted friends went on and on about Hoyt's and Gail Hick's psychic/spirit gifts.

That open mind led me in an interesting direction.

Because I have no training in slight-of-hand, I had to examine the spirit cards from the perspective of my profession as a graphic designer. A number of things during the seance caused me to look further.

First: The images that are 'drawn' by spirits are comprised of at least 2 layers. That of a printed image (complete with a black and white dot pattern). The top layer is a crayon or pastel treatment over the top of the printed one.

Anyone looking close enough with a good magnifying glass will no doubt wonder if the spirits also have an ethereal offset press or high-resolution laser printer handy.

I suspect that a clear coating is put over the printed portion to allow for the colors to be added on top without smudging the printed image. My guess is either Krylon Acrylic Clear or Windsor Newton Retouch Varnish are used.

The pre-cut cards in the sealed package they present are clean, machine-cut and free of marks. The 4 spirit image cards I examined from others (including my own) were all hand-trimmed.

The writing on the backs of the spirit cards, despite efforts to convince you otherwise, are written by the same person or 2people.

I could go on about other glaring (and amateurish) inconsistencies during the entire presentation if you like, but trust me. Hoyt Robinette and Gail Hicks are today's incarnate of snake oil salesmen.

At Fri Mar 25, 09:16:00 PM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

Thanks for this report, clearly very different from mine. In researching this medium prior and after my experience, many of the examples I found reproduced on the Internet seemed very different, amateurish in execution, even fake looking. NOT SO with mine. I bet you would wet your pants if you had a chance to see this one of Boris in real life. A clear sign of authenticity is that there are no eyelashes, as shared with me by the curator of the famed Bangs Sisters collection of precipitated art. Often, there are portraits appearing in the whites of the eyes, although not in mine. See my descriptions for more discussion.

I have a fine arts degree in painting and another in drawing and graphic arts, (including wood/lino cuts, aquatint and etching) an advanced degree in art history with an emphasis on restoration techniques, advanced computer graphic arts training from SVA in NYC and 25 years as a computer graphics specialist, and a kick-ass professional geologist's loup - so I feel assured my assessment of my card is sound. I still wish I had access to infrared technology!

But I believe you, as it shouldn't be difficult to detect evidence of halftone images beneath applied pigment or a hand-trimmed edge. I'm sorry you came away with such a bummer of a trip. There is ample historical evidence that genuine mediums have been known to fake their fading or halted gifts (Eusapia Palladino comes to mind.) There have also been ample warnings to mediums that to misuse or abuse their gifts will result in their loss.

At Sat Mar 26, 05:12:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I too couldn't find a dot pattern initially. I removed some of the top layer of color around the nose and mouth area on the photo and that's when I found it. I took off the color from the rest of the image to confirm. Use something like your fingernail to chip away at the top layers to prevent any damage to the underlying image.

Another participant had Ralph Waldo Emerson's portrait. He immediately looked him up on his portable phone and found the exact photo used.

A quick glance in the basket after the cards were handed out showed no wear on the crayons or oil pastels despite there being 25 spirit cards.

I don't doubt that there are legit mediums out there. And I also don't doubt that Hoyt and Gail have to have SOME spirit sensitivity. They connected with a lot of the participants. For what it's worth, they should just drop the dubious props and window dressing. They may not get as much $ for a seance, but then they could concentrate on developing and improving what psychic abilities they DO have.

At Sat Mar 26, 11:55:00 AM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

I would like to see colour scans of your card for comparison, and regret I can't see the actual card. I'd urge anyone to become familiarized with the actual phenomenon of "preciptiation" to acquire a true understanding of what this means. Under a microscope, or even a good magnifying lens, it can be seen that the image has been built from hundreds of micro-layers of a waxy, soot-like substance; the best description I've read was that it's like the iridescent powder from a butterfly's wings. This is a perfect description of mine; there's nothing to chip away with a fingernail, and seems to defy certain laws of macro-physics as it appears 3-dimensional and textural, yet is not.
It's too bad some may be hoaxes, for they greatly damage the reputation of the real thing. Rev. Sidney Schwartz, Pastor of Gifts of the Spirit Church, and who had arranged for the sitting with Hoyt I attended, has a vast collection of photographs and scans of cards from everyone with whom he has attended a session. I will invite him to comment on this discussion, as he may have some interesting things to share.
Like most recipients of spirit-images - photography or other - I also did extensive research for existing photographs of the person in the image. When photography was in its infancy, there were few existing images of anyone, including famous people, so very often it was easy to identify the real source of the "ghost figure." (Emerson is a very good example.) Of Boris Pasternak, who died in 1960, there are a very limited number of photos reproduced for easy access to the public, probably less than a dozen that show up on the internet. His image on my card is clearly a spontaneous "snapshot"; it shows exquisite movement and emotion, as if he was talking while the image was precipitated. There are no such photos of Pasternak in existence, unless he happens to be alive now -- which of course he is.
Tim has shown me how the process works for this, and it would take probably hundreds of pages utilizing advanced languages of quantum mechanics, molecular biology and even meteorology (yes, strange, I know!) to even begin to explain it. As an artist, it greatly excites me to think of the potential of such a process and medium; as a human being, it baffles me; as a medium, it doesn't surprise me.
I wish I could truly explain the looks on our faces as we watched Boris's name appear before our eyes while we looked at the back of my card. Another name, Dr. Yorio was also there. It took me a very long time to find the only reference to him in an old NY Times obit, which at the time was only to be found at the library of a local university; since then, it's now available online. Careful analysis of his even more carefully, conservatively composed obit revealed that Dr. Yorio had been a quietly gay, partnered man who had died of AIDS, long before such things were openly acknowledged, and that he and his spouse lived only a few blocks from where I now live. What are the chances that something with such personal significance of bearing on my personal life would be known and then found by Hoyt?
If indeed this medium has and/or is hoaxing people, it should be brought to public attention. It is correct to approach such claims with healthy skepticism tempered by curiosity and openness. It is sad when such wonderful human qualities are abused.
If you or others have coloured scans you'd like to share with us here, please do so and with your permission we will offer them up for the further scrutiny of those so interested.

At Sat Mar 26, 12:06:00 PM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

Also - see this continuation of the topic of the card seance I had attended in 2007 for another stunning image - Rev. Schwartz had said in all his years he had never seen the likes of both our images. I recall now that many of the cards of others at that seance were similar, but many different, as if done by different artists.

At Sat Mar 26, 04:15:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the color scan with a blow up of a sample area showing the half tone sent to your website email address.

As I mentioned earlier, much of the color layer was removed to verify the halftone pattern throughout. At first that layer just seemed soft and waxy, but as I applied pressure with my fingernail, the lower levels of color began to chip up. That's when I got the distinct aerosol clearcoat odor.

My examination of mine and others spirit cards all had a multi-layered translucent quality to them. I'm familiar with the fact that if you use transparent wax (or oil-wax) pigments in multiple layers OVER a clear coating, you will get a glazing effect similar to what early Dutch masters used (de Hooch comes to mind). This could be the source of some of the luminosity you observe in your own card.

Not everyone's card I saw could be interpreted as a direct halftone image. For sure, those halftones were contrast-enhanced. 2 cards I saw appeared to be line art.... also easily arranged by a basic filter or two in Photoshop to convert a grayscale image into high-contrast line art. The editing, layering and trimming were little more than beginner's skills.

If I took the time to go through the whole seance, so many other incongruous details would come out.

There were 3 separate times the basket was either out of everyone's view (once when he asked everyone to stand and stretch) or his hands were deep in the basket and hidden. Only a small edge of the basket was in plain view when it was being loaded up with art supplies and cards. At that time, it was on a slanted portable podium table with the opening facing away from the participants.

There were a number of opportunities to add the colored cards into the mix. My only regret was that I didn't have any training in slight-of-hand techniques to venture anything but a guess when they were added.

At Sat Mar 26, 06:24:00 PM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

Thanks for your very astute and educated comments, as well as the pdf scan of your image. I an confirm that the halftone dots are indeed easily seen, and it looks like someone just tore a page out of a child's colouring book and very badly filled it in; it is amateurish and stupid looking, compared to the vibrant work of spirit art I was gifted with. I can only refer back to an earlier comment that historically, many mediums will resort to trickery in order to deliver "the goods" when they should just be honest when they're having a bad day or cycle, or have even just lost it.
Look for internet info on The Bangs Sisters of Chicago - also see the book, "Precipitated Spirit Paintings" by Ron Nagy, as well as "Glimpses of the Next State - the Education of an Agnostic" by Usborne Moore, which can be read for free as a pdf:

At Sat Mar 26, 06:53:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...


My card was originally very similar to yours. Vibrant colors, mutiple layers with what appears to be encaustics or oil pastels. I removed most of the colors to confirm that the halftone was visible throughout. It was.

At Thu Mar 31, 08:51:00 PM 2011, Anonymous TRCGEM said...

I was at a meeting with Hoyt several years ago when he did spirit cards. I can only say that it was a last minute decision, I was not registered. We were late to get there. I did not provide him with any information. I have no training and can't speak to the drawing on the spirit card. The names do all seem to be written in a similar hand - but that doesn't discoun't the authenticity for me. Because there are two names on there of people I know who are passed and there is simply no way he could have known them ahead of time. So he must be channeling something. Whether spirit created the drawing on the card or not, I will still impressed. I also had a private reading with him and, again, found that he knew things he couldn't have. I'm a clinical social worker and while very open also very skeptical and analytical. I have gone over it time and again in my mind. I was not tricked into revealing info he could then feed back to me. So there is some truth there somewhere. I would be interested to experience the silks.

At Mon May 02, 01:26:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoyt is the real deal.

I host him so I've seen the cards go into the basket and I've seen the finished product come out. There is NO WAY this is faked.

I thought of several questions (over several days) to put on the billet for card circles and the first question I wrote on my billet on the first night of card circles was never answered. Instead, first night, another question from my list WAS answered. This questions was NOT on the billet so how did he know to answer a question he couldn't even "see"? This happens more often than you would think. He doesn't know what you've written on your billet, but Spirit answers the questions because they are asked to them. Another participant had travel on the horizon but had told no one; but the first thing out of Hoyt's mouth was about the trip she was going to take.

If I ever had a doubt, and I did, it has been removed by continued interaction with Hoyt Robinette. There is NO WAY he is not the real deal. You who attend a card circle have been called to this event and regardless of what your left brain thinks - you are there to open your horizons and accept that there is much more out there than you can even imagine.

At Tue Dec 16, 01:42:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen his cards a few of them.
I do work extensively with spiritual work/people as that is my sole profession these days.
I did earn my BFA and my MFA from prestigious universities/colleges, and recently was accepted into a PhD program within Art and Aesthetics. I too have a degree in Museums and archives.

The cards are written with 2 handwritings both 21st century handwriting.
The images are printed on the cards.
If Emerson or Thoreau were on the cards, why didn't they use their own handwriting, writing on them.

He ones made a big mistake. He forgot to get cards, had to go to the store to get them. When he was getting out of his vehicle some cards dropped out of his luggage that were all pre-made.

Another mistake he made was a name he shouted out and two people could take it, but he got utterly confused and revealed himself in such a way he made a mistake.

He will ask people when they register for full names and who they want to hear from. Then those names will appear on the cards.

Unfortunately he's a fraud.

The images you'll find on the cards are all available on the internet, those are printed onto the cards, and then the cards are layered with color.

He's made the mistake of giving more than one person at a seance the same guide at different times.

I've met people here who he told have good ol' Germy as their guide. So there goes the feeling special.

And I agree a guide should never ever be defensive or hostile.
The taping of the eyes, really why not just turn their back the other way and put on a tight blindfold.

Oh and the trumped in the dark, there ought not to be any need for complete darkness that is where and when fraud happens.

I've seen too many frauds and yes a yankee imitating a southerner or a southerner imitating a person from New England, just doesn't quite work.
And all the spirit people/guides who came through being childlike or children. Really!
Spirit has no age, but there's no point in a full room of guides all being children.

He's a fraud

At Tue Dec 16, 12:38:00 PM 2014, Blogger August Goforth said...

Yes, there have been several reports of fraud with the cards. This medium is hard to keep track of so much of the little info I get about his current practice is limited to anecdotal, several times removed. The very general consensus seems to be that while this medium was indeed very fruitful with authentic phenomena, including the precipitated art, his gifts have either deteriorated or ceased. I'm fortunate that my card has been authenticated in person by the curator of Lily Dale's museum, who is one of the very few experts on precipitated art in the county. The moral of the story is "caveat emptor" or something like that.


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