Monday, October 18, 2010

Vote for the Birds

 Vote to Build New York City's 1st Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

  • To build NYC's first wildlife rehabilitation and education center.
  • To continue serving NYC's animal agencies and Parks Department.
  • To be the coordinator for wildlife rehabilitators and vets in NYC.

About Wild Bird Fund Inc.
The Wild Bird Fund treats over 1,000 wild birds and animals in New York City each year. Working with two veterinary hospitals, the WBF is the central resource in NYC for wildlife emergency care and rehabilitation. This critical work is accomplished using only borrowed space and volunteer labor.

Thirteen years ago, a good friend of August's found an itty-bitty starling on the sidewalk at Columbus Circle, barely a few weeks old. She raised this amazing creature with the help of knowledgeable vets who worked with wild animals. Starlings are members of the minah family and so can be taught to talk! This beloved friend lived to be 12 years old, and in those years, amassed a vocabulary of over 100 words, and could whistle many classical tunes. Beakie was also very attuned to the Risen and like to sit on August's shoulder to act as a "tuner" for higher energies; she was very proud of this! Here is a video of her. Here is another of Beakie talking on the phone. And another showing off her versatility.

NYC has a lot of wild birds visiting and living in it -- believe it or not! Every day, injured and lost birds are found and need to be cared for until they can be released. Please join us in helping this special service happen by casting your vote which will help this endeavor get a lot of grant money!


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