Monday, January 25, 2010

EVP & ITC Australia

In The Risen, Tim and I share about attempts to make earthly technology connect with Risen technology — with variable but not a lot of results.

"August, one of these days you will come to see that your expectations, which are driven by the ego-mind's grasping for control and perfection, are coloring your perspective on these past experiences."

"I know that Tim — it's still an ingrained habit of judgment, thanks for calling me on it. But I was also remembering that Risen technology is so very far in advance of terrestrial devices, that it often felt I was using a dixie-cup-on-a-string approach."

"Again, August, your ego-mind wants to downplay the most important aspect here, which is that any communication is successful communication, while ignoring the fascinating fact that earthly technology is not separate from that of the Risen. In actuality, terrestrial technology is continuously being inspired by Risen scientists, especially in the realm of quantum physics, and in this way, it's all connected. And in truth, the strongest and most significant connections are being made in the mental and spiritual worlds, long before any material manifestation takes place, so the greatest successes are often invisible and intangible to the earthly way of being."

"I hadn't thought of it in that way, but of course, it makes sense, especially when you and I are communicating successfully right now within the mental and spiritual aspects of reality."

What started all of this was a recent connection I made with another medium, Rob Smith, a kind of "technological clairaudient" in Australia, and an active member of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena — part of the greater Association Transcommunication. Readers of The Risen may recall our introduction of Konstantin Raudive, "father of EVP" (electronic voice phenomenon.) The Association's site has audio recording of Konstantin, who came through during a seance conducted by medium David Thompson, the direct voice and physical (materialization) medium. What's interesting about this recording (there's also a partial transcript provided to help you understand what you're hearing) is that Raudive communicates with the help of ectoplasmic material, shaped to receive and deliver vibrations that can be rendered audible to terrestrial human ears. There is often significant distortion of the vibrations, and since they're not coming through the person's original biological voice box, can sound quite strange and alien. What I (August) love about this recording is that Konstantin clearly confirms that scientists in the spirit realms are actively working to connect the two technologies; and how even "one little step" can make a great deal of difference.

"You see, Augie? Baby steps. Baaaaby steps."

"I got it, Tim, no need to infantilize me here."

"Aw, what big words for such a young fellow."

"I love you, too, Tim."

Anyway, visit Rob Smith's website, which has generous amounts of guidance and resources towards trying, experimenting, and playing with EVP, as well as lots of other related materials, and samples of his recordings of spirit "non-glottal" vocalizations.

Rob also recently sent us an audio recording of "Aunt Binny" recorded in 2005 - she was in her 80's when she transitioned. (Please note that this opens only via Internet Explorer at this time.)

Rob has placed this EVP on his website for all to access, so you can hear her exclaim, "Aunt Binny has RISEN its beautiful!". Obviously, this use of the word "Risen" is especially validating for us. Bob & Phran Ginsberg, who interviewed us recently on the Signs of Life Radio Show, were also drawn to this particular descriptive word of the afterlife experience, and expressed their curiosity about it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Radio Show Now Archived!

Our live radio interview of January 14 is now archived for listening on Contact Talk Radio at the “Signs of Life Radio” — brought to you by the Forever Family Foundation.

If you liked the show, comments for the producers are always welcome at Contact Talk Radio.

or 631-425-770.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Physical Mediumship

[Image: Medium David Thompson in Deep Trance, exuding ectoplasm]

As those who have read The Risen know, Tim was able to manifest as a material physical presence into this terrestrial dimension at various points over the years -- primarily as part of an ongoing sequence of experiments conducted by Risen Scientist-Healers interested in understanding the nature of higher, loving vibrations (or entanglement, as Melvin Morse would say). For now, that phase of the project is inactive, although other methods and theories are currently being pursued.

For those who are interested in the fascinating aspects of modern physical mediumship, a good place to start is with The Circle of the Silver Cord, an Australian organization which follows and documents the physical (materialization) mediumship of David Thompson. He's English but now lives in Australia. His particular mediumship utilizes ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is the medium’s life-force in physical form, and is what spirit individuals use to coat themselves with to have a physical presence. It's noted at this website that any kind of the usual channeling is cut out in the process, as the actual spirit is able to materialize and speak for themselves. After becoming a member at the site for free, one can then access audio recordings of various spirit people (or Risen, as we like to say). There is also a video image of William, David's spirit guide and mentor who conducts the seances and keeps everyone in line, when William was able to materialize during a session.

Michael Prescott blogs some of his thoughts from his detailed investigations into Thompson's work, which is worth looking at, as are the comments from his readers.

Zerdin Phenomenal, based in the UK, has brought David Thompson there to present mediumship demonstration events. They have been around for some time and exist to promote the development and use of healthy physical mediumship. Our friends Ros and Dennis, who are the backbone of the organization, are currently looking for US venues to bring similar events to the States.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cat-astrophe Averted

The website is back up!

Website Alert

The Risen website is temporarily down, but will be back up sometime later this evening.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Hidden Hand

All images by Marc Brinkerhoff.

I had the distinctive honor of an invitation to screen what was being called "an insider's insider's film" this past weekend at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Manhattan. Afterwards, I was able to sequester myself with the filmmaker for some in-depth discussion about it at a cozy gathering of very interesting folks.

"The Hidden Hand," a documentary work-in-progress by filmmaker, photographer, and artist, James Carman, takes a stark, and often quite uncomfortable look at UFOs and extraterrestrials from an insider's viewpoint — meaning those who have direct contact, on- and off-board non-terrestrial craft. The film is intelligently woven of dark and light, with interviews and theories of those who self-identify as abductees — who often report negative, traumatic experiences — and contactees, who relate more positive forays and ongoing, cooperative relationships with non-terrestrial beings. The many intimate and often painfully emotional sharings are underscored by startling revelations by several elderly, long-retired personnel who span the gamut of military organizations, and who once held the highest of top-secret positions in their respective "black operations." What we really liked about these individuals was their feisty fuck-you attitudes: "Hey, I kept your stupid secrets for most of my life, and now I'm 85 years old; what're ya gonna do, threaten me some more, kill me, even? Go ahead, I dare ya! Stupid ass-wipes." Actually they didn't say it quite like that, but it was clearly written all over their beautiful wizened and intense faces.

My friend and colleague, psychic-medium, Marc, is one of the presenting contactees in the film, and has been interacting with otherdimensional beings since he was a child up to and including the present. A fine-artist painter, he has an impressive portfolio of renderings and paintings illustrating his experiences over the years.

Most of the people in the film are often troubled, sad, lost, and shut down; one could not begin to hope for even a smidgen of tragi-comedy in their stories —some which span several family generations — which might bring at least a little light in. Tim pointed out that Marc, on the other hand, is at the other end of that spectrum, as he presents as someone who has found something — substantial relationships and knowledge that has enhanced and expanded his ways of being and understanding of his place in the universe. His unending curiosity and sense of joy, discovery and awe are substantial signs of health and healing, which are somehow accessible to others, even if they haven't had such experiences. The darkened ones, on the other hand, are like prisoners, trapped in lightless, airless dungeons from which there seems no hope of escape, and understandably, nobody watching their pain wants to watch for very long; much less identify with them. People like Marc represent the higher vibrating, evolved potential for an experience with the numinous, with "other." His experience and even his very being radiate humorous acceptance and negate fear. This is most apparent in his prodigious works of light-filled, joyous art.

Marc is especially focused on trying to help people veer away from "the negative alien agenda," citing that there are too many fearful people who can only think of the "evil greys" when they hear about non-terrestrial beings.

An especially significant factor for Tim and me was the fairly new, "quiet theory" carefully threaded throughout — that many of the beings of non-terrestrial origin are not from other planets in our Universe, but from universes of other dimensions; they do not travel great distances across unimaginable years of light speed, but rather, do not travel at all, able to move without time's hindrance. This level of thought meshes with the concept of "interpenetration of worlds" that Tim and other Risen bring forth in our book, to help us begin to comprehend that there is no "here" and "there" in life-filled actuality, but only "here-now." Phil Imbrogno, who was one of the endorsers of our book, was also one of the earliest, if not the first of scientific researchers and educators in the UFO field to present this theoretical model in his book, Interdimensional Universe — which is how he came to our attention and which led to the comparison of notes and discovery of similarities in reports.

Dr. Melvin Morse, who also endorsed The Risen and wrote the extraordinary Foreword to it, recently remarked to me (August) that he now sees the quantum theory of entanglement underscoring the material that the Risen have presented, and became even more enthusiastic when I then reminded him of the Risen concept of interpenetration of worlds; he then had a kind of epiphany or Eureka! moment of seeing not only how Tim and I are able to be and stay connected, but how science and spirituality are also being drawn together by the awakening consciousness of more and more people — from spiritualists to physicists to contactees — toward the realization that "there is no death."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

If you liked the radio interview....

Responses and reactions to our interview on 1/14 are beginning to trickle in. If you would like to contact them to let them know that you enjoyed it (or maybe not,) The Forever Family Foundation telephone is 631-425-7707, and radio comments are always welcomed at

A little background info about the Foundation:

Phran and Bob Ginsberg, with Dr. Gary Schwartz, founded Forever Family Foundation in 2004. In their short existence they have grown into a global organization - which is a testament to the thirst for knowledge about survival. They are a science-based organization, and have a stellar Scientific Advisory Board made up of medical doctors, scientists and researchers. They seek to educate the public about evidence that suggests we survive our physical deaths. As you well know, many of today's scientists are now beginning to recognize that the rift between science and spirituality is not a divide at all. By the nature of the Foundation's work, may of their members are bereaved - they find the information there to be a source of hope - which is the Foundation's driving force.

Mediumship, which some might consider to be the strongest evidence of survival, plays a major part in their activities. In that regard, and in an effort to protect the public from frauds and those who cannot do what they claim, the Foundation conducts a medium certification program that Bob designed after consulting with scientists and universities.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Radio Interview of 1/14

It was absolutely fun, stimulating and an invigorating experience for us. We were so impressed with the depth and sensitivity of Phran & Bob's questions and comments, and also grateful for all the compassionate services they make possible for those who are still in the midst of their losses. We were asked to come back at a future date.

The show will be archived for future listening on Contact Talk Radio (Signs of Life show) in a couple of days, and on the Forever Family Foundation website a little later. Thanks to all who listened or will listen, and for the especially treasured feedback from our friends in Miami.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Does Death Exist? New Theory Says "No."

Dr. Robert Lanza, who is currently Chief Scientific Officer of Advanced Cell Technology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, is co-author of "Biocentrism." His views coincide in many ways with my understanding of the information Tim has shared with me about what life is like in the Risen geographies.

Dr. Lanza posits that life creates the universe, and not the other way around – meaning that life is not an accidental byproduct of physics, and that space and time arise directly from our sense perception. I hope I’m paraphrasing his theory correctly. His blog has a great piece there called “Does Death Exist? New Theory Says No”. See also his brief article, "A New Theory of the Universe" which builds on quantum physics as well. Book and articles are both worth reading. Dr. Lanza also has his own copy of The Risen - perhaps he will find time to comment on it some day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Polar Bears, Be Very Afraid

To aid in raising funds for the Delaware Special Olympics, Dr. Melvin L. Morse, esteemed scientist/author/researcher, writer of the Foreword to our book, The Risen, and occasional shark-biter, shares a rare training video (perhaps the only one, really—and maybe just as well) for the 2010 Polar Bear Plunge. If this public display of cold boldness doesn't convince you to contribute "until it hurts" to this important cause, then you should watch this video 25 more times in the next 5 days, while chanting the mantra, "What Did Della Wear?" and then gradually taper off until you've made a contribution and able to sleep soundly again.

To find out how you can contribute, visit The Firstgiving Website.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Are Dolphins People? What are "People" Anyway?

As a psychotherapist, I'm interested in many aspects of living of all living things, including the earth sciences, and to this end, am a member of a scientific community listserve.

Recently, Alla Katsnelson, news editor at The Scientist, online magazine of the Life Sciences, posted something that especially resonated for me regarding Tim's interactions with the cetacean Scientist-Healers who hold leadership roles on "Borrowed From Angels" (as documented in The Risen.)

Alla writes: "Studies are increasingly showing that dolphins are more intelligent than we've given them credit for, and research reported in the last few days suggests they’re more intelligent than chimps. Yet a recent documentary called The Cove describes dolphins being regularly slaughtered for food.

"Do we need to change how we think about these creatures, and provide them with special protection? And what does the phrase 'non-human persons' — a phrase used to describe the status they should have — actually mean?"

One scientist responded, "Yes they should be protected. Indeed, what does 'person' mean? This is long overdue. We keep finding more and more about how similar other species are to us, breaking down the psychological barriers of us and them. The Precautionary Principle applied to ethics/morality (in this case regarding other species) should be even more stringent than applied to ecology/biology in which it is often not applied strongly enough."

Queens Psychic Club of NYC

This Wednesday, January 6th, 2010, our very dear and talented friend, Dee Colon, and her colleague, Dom Villella from Paranormal NYC present:

“The Truth Behind Paranormal Investigations”

They will talk about how investigations are truly conducted and will dispel myths presented in the media about false manifestations and parapsychic phenomenon that “seem” to take place during such broadcasts.

Numerology report by Jill Bauman along with Astrology and a Meditation by Dee will also be featured with this evenings’ program.

Founded in September, 1993, the Queens Psychic Club is beginning its sixteenth year.

They are the largest and most respected psychic community in the New York City area (1,000 members); average meeting attendance is about 75, (depending on the topic.) They discuss all categories of psychic phenomena, and everyone, seekers and sharers alike are welcome - because everyone is psychic.

The meetings are from 7:30 - 9:30pm, doors open at 7:00 o'clock,the first Wednesday of every month (except on holidays) - at the Flushing Free Synagogue (no religious affiliation) 41-60 Kissena Blvd. in Flushing, Queens, NY. They are centrally located, two blocks from the last stop on the #7 train from Manhattan, and the Long Island RR. Numerous buses from Jamaica and other parts of Queens pass nearby, or stop directly in front of the synagogue. There is plenty of free parking available in the parking lot adjacent to the building.

There is an $8 admission for your first visit, which includes automatic membership and gets you on the mailing list, thereafter it is only $5, when attending. Everyone is welcome... this is a place to meet people of all ages, and like minds.

The format of the meetings consists of networking, (current workshops, lectures, events, etc.) discussions, and sharing of experiences. There is usually a brief description of the numerology and astrological meaning for the month. At 8:00 o'clock there is a brief meditation, and there are always free refreshments. The lectures begin at 8:30, by leading psychics, mediums, or healers.

For more information regarding the Queens Psychic Club, the fair and special events, call: 718-762-1448 or email at: www.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Signs of Life Radio Show

We'd like to remind you that on Thursday, January 14, 2010, 8–9 pm EST, (5 pm Pacific) August & Tim will be interviewed live on "Signs of Life" - the radio show of Forever Family Foundation. Take a moment to look at their website, as well as the announcement there of this historical first. The show will be recorded and archived for later listening.

Their website notes:

A Comprehensive Look at the Afterlife

"August Goforth by occupation is a psychotherapist with a clinical practice. In his private life, however, he is a gifted and insightful intuitive and medium. The Risen is a book orchestrated by a group of spirit entities, including August's partner in life, Timothy Gray. Readers of this book are provided with a rare glimpse of the existence that occurs after one's physical death. Those who desire to learn what life is like in another dimension, including insights into more productive ways of living our physical lives to pave the way, should not miss this opportunity."