Sunday, January 17, 2010

If you liked the radio interview....

Responses and reactions to our interview on 1/14 are beginning to trickle in. If you would like to contact them to let them know that you enjoyed it (or maybe not,) The Forever Family Foundation telephone is 631-425-7707, and radio comments are always welcomed at

A little background info about the Foundation:

Phran and Bob Ginsberg, with Dr. Gary Schwartz, founded Forever Family Foundation in 2004. In their short existence they have grown into a global organization - which is a testament to the thirst for knowledge about survival. They are a science-based organization, and have a stellar Scientific Advisory Board made up of medical doctors, scientists and researchers. They seek to educate the public about evidence that suggests we survive our physical deaths. As you well know, many of today's scientists are now beginning to recognize that the rift between science and spirituality is not a divide at all. By the nature of the Foundation's work, may of their members are bereaved - they find the information there to be a source of hope - which is the Foundation's driving force.

Mediumship, which some might consider to be the strongest evidence of survival, plays a major part in their activities. In that regard, and in an effort to protect the public from frauds and those who cannot do what they claim, the Foundation conducts a medium certification program that Bob designed after consulting with scientists and universities.


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