Friday, May 27, 2011

Risen Kindle

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The Risen is now available as a Kindle book, or as we might say back in the hills, it's  done been kindlerated.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recommended Readings about the Summerlands

Anonymous wood engraving first published in 1888 in L'atmosphère: Météorologie Populaire by Camille Flammarion

"I don't see how there can be life after death.
There can't be any; there is no life after death
because there is no death.
It is just a continuation of life." 
~ Ernest Holmes (Love & Law)

A reader of The Risen recently asked for recommendations for good reads about life after life. Here are a few, and if anyone has others to recommend, please do share about them with us.

"Where Two Worlds Meet" and other books by Arthur Findlay

Also - the works of Robert James Lees

Also - Riley Heagerty's The French Revelation - about Emily French

Monday, May 16, 2011

Recordings of Historic U.S. Seances Now Available

Here are links to the archived recordings of the 4 physical mediumship seances that recently occurred in NY when The Yellow Cloud Circle made its historical U.S. visit. If anyone would like to post them elsewhere or share them with others, please do! Also, August's report on seances #1 and #4 is available here.

Yellow Cloud Sitting #1 - Chester, New York - Spring 2011 (August Goforth in attendance)

Yellow Cloud Sitting #2 - Chester, New York - Spring 2011

Yellow Cloud Sitting #3 - Chester, New York - Spring 2011

Yellow Cloud Sitting #4 - Chester, New York - Spring 2011 (August Goforth in attendance)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

From the Archives: Quid, Me Vexari?

[Originally posted 2/4/2006]

"Curbing the need to question" need not be interpreted as switching off one's curiosity, and especially not to be misinterpreted as remaining in passive, dumb acceptance of any words thrown our way. There are any number of psychological and emotional asanas to use to engage interactively with one's universe—a particularly notable one being "openness - to - experience".1 Boundaries may then expand, engage or merge with others — even dissolve. The experience of Self emerges from the mists of personality and the experience of self fades.

The simulate self fears this fading, and so will bring fear to its defense, and questions are quashed.

Krishnamurti suggested that one enter a state he called "choiceless awareness", an aspect of openness.

Another aspect of authentic openness-to-experience is surrender—which is not an agreement to slavery. Rather, authentic surrender is a two-part process beginning with —

1. Putting down one's weapons (questions, statements, accusations);
2. Acquiescence.

It may be noticed that this process is one of assistance—which means that one is not alone in this process—because one is engaging with one's own Essence—which might be in the form of another manifested individuality— and which is also One's Creator Source. One might visualize this as an enormous, open hand gently reaching out in a gesture that clearly offers the opportunity for us to put our hand in it and join with it.

Upon acquiescence, the notion of duality cannot exist, fading under the focused light beam of conscious awareness—that is, the feeling—of the merging of Self with SELF. Merging is when two become something else (note that "else" is singular). Recall a previous post about the merging of two different atoms to create a molecule of entirely different and mysterious qualities.

The question, then, need not necessarily be "why?"—but perhaps, instead, "what?". A simple and interesting experiment is to re-ask a why? question using what? instead. 2

1 Although the material at this wiki-link is an exceptional description, it attempts to identify openness to experience one of "the big five" "personality traits". Those who have read The Risen may understand, "personality" is the simulate self, which can, therefore, imitate authentic openness as a posture of display, for exploitation, and for further ego-mind stimulation. "Personality traits" are always a hit at parties. The wiki-article unknowingly reveals its simulate mind-driven origins in its baseline acceptance-belief in a theory—any theory—as supported by simulate self "scientific questioning"—i.e., "research". Like the world systems of the Diakka, our own worldly ego-mind systems place a great emphasis on personality as a powerful "force"—a concept which, in its duality-based systems assumes there is more than one "force". The difference between them is that the Diakka understand that personality is not real, although they still continue to manifest personality-driven environments from a stance of "real authority".

"Questioning authority" is a favourite activity of the simulate self, which desires conflict, and which needs two separate egos to achieve. However, keep in mind that the simulate self is always imitating the authentic Self's opening up through disarming and joining with SELF, which the ego interprets, in its insanity, as "questioning authority".

2 One hypothesis on the basic form of the question mark (?) is that it was developed in sixteenth-century England. Most typographic historians contend that the design for the question mark was derived from an abbreviation of the "qu" Latin words of why, what, where, how (quisnam, quidnam, qui quae que quod, quamobrem, quare, quatenus/quatinus, quemadmodum). At first this symbol consisted of a capital 'Q' atop a lowercase 'o'. Over time this early symbol simplified to the mark we use today. Another hypothesis suggests the question mark began to appear in the second half of the 8th century, when it resembled a lightning flash, striking from right to left, and following a period. Some interpret that this was meant to resemble the upward voice inflection used to indicate query.

To me, the question mark is a spiral, a path that begins anywhere in space and ends somewhere else in space, ended by the period blocking its movement. Ironically, this begs another question: what happens when the period is not placed, or removed?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Historic U.S. Physical Mediumship Event Report

Here is August's report of the recent  Historical Visit of the Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination to the U.S.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Historic Physical Mediumship Event

Yellow Cloud

This past week, I was almost unbelievably honored to have been invited to attend the first U.S. sitting of The Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination, who came over from France at the direction of their spirit team. Their agenda was to bring new energy to this continent to spark new physical mediumship circles; sitters were required to be experienced in the ways of spirit and mediumship. Conducted at a location in upstate NY, there were only 4 sittings in all, and a good number of other fortunate people drove and flew in from far and wide to sit at these private circles. I attended the fourth and final one last night as well, and witnessed astounding physical manifestation of spirit and spirit voice using the newer energy "photoplasm." Dr. Melvin Morse and I had also devised an experiment which was secretly synchronized with last night's sitting, which John Sloane gratefully agreed to participate in. Melvin's last text to me very late last night showed that he and his wife, Pauline, were reeling from the unexpected results and unable to talk about it at that time. Hopefully, after some sleep and time to wrap their minds around it, we'll process the results soon. I myself am quite exhausted, but still high from some wonderful news of confirmation I received from the circle's main controlling spirit, John Sloane. I've been asked by Mike Tymn and Lisa and Tom Butler to write an account of my experience, so will refer readers to that report, which will have all the details, a little later on from here. These sittings were also all recorded, and hopefully will be available at the Yellow Cloud's archive in a few days.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Mediumistic Psychotherapy

August is now offering, to appropriate candidates,

Life After Death in the Worlds Unseen

A very lovely report from the other side - thanks to Victor Zammit for drawing my attention to it.

This script was communicated by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, a son of Edward White Benson, former Archbishop of Canterbury, after his death in 1914 to his old friend, Anthony Borgia -
WHO I am really matters not. Who I was matters still less. We do not carry our Earthly positions with us into the Spirit world. My Earthly importance I left behind me. My Spiritual worth is what counts now, and that, my good friend, is far below what it should be and what it can be. Thus much as to who I am. As to who I was, I should like to give some details concerning my mental attitude prior to my passing here into the world of Spirit. 

To read the rest of this beautifully detailed report, go here.