Monday, January 25, 2010

EVP & ITC Australia

In The Risen, Tim and I share about attempts to make earthly technology connect with Risen technology — with variable but not a lot of results.

"August, one of these days you will come to see that your expectations, which are driven by the ego-mind's grasping for control and perfection, are coloring your perspective on these past experiences."

"I know that Tim — it's still an ingrained habit of judgment, thanks for calling me on it. But I was also remembering that Risen technology is so very far in advance of terrestrial devices, that it often felt I was using a dixie-cup-on-a-string approach."

"Again, August, your ego-mind wants to downplay the most important aspect here, which is that any communication is successful communication, while ignoring the fascinating fact that earthly technology is not separate from that of the Risen. In actuality, terrestrial technology is continuously being inspired by Risen scientists, especially in the realm of quantum physics, and in this way, it's all connected. And in truth, the strongest and most significant connections are being made in the mental and spiritual worlds, long before any material manifestation takes place, so the greatest successes are often invisible and intangible to the earthly way of being."

"I hadn't thought of it in that way, but of course, it makes sense, especially when you and I are communicating successfully right now within the mental and spiritual aspects of reality."

What started all of this was a recent connection I made with another medium, Rob Smith, a kind of "technological clairaudient" in Australia, and an active member of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena — part of the greater Association Transcommunication. Readers of The Risen may recall our introduction of Konstantin Raudive, "father of EVP" (electronic voice phenomenon.) The Association's site has audio recording of Konstantin, who came through during a seance conducted by medium David Thompson, the direct voice and physical (materialization) medium. What's interesting about this recording (there's also a partial transcript provided to help you understand what you're hearing) is that Raudive communicates with the help of ectoplasmic material, shaped to receive and deliver vibrations that can be rendered audible to terrestrial human ears. There is often significant distortion of the vibrations, and since they're not coming through the person's original biological voice box, can sound quite strange and alien. What I (August) love about this recording is that Konstantin clearly confirms that scientists in the spirit realms are actively working to connect the two technologies; and how even "one little step" can make a great deal of difference.

"You see, Augie? Baby steps. Baaaaby steps."

"I got it, Tim, no need to infantilize me here."

"Aw, what big words for such a young fellow."

"I love you, too, Tim."

Anyway, visit Rob Smith's website, which has generous amounts of guidance and resources towards trying, experimenting, and playing with EVP, as well as lots of other related materials, and samples of his recordings of spirit "non-glottal" vocalizations.

Rob also recently sent us an audio recording of "Aunt Binny" recorded in 2005 - she was in her 80's when she transitioned. (Please note that this opens only via Internet Explorer at this time.)

Rob has placed this EVP on his website for all to access, so you can hear her exclaim, "Aunt Binny has RISEN its beautiful!". Obviously, this use of the word "Risen" is especially validating for us. Bob & Phran Ginsberg, who interviewed us recently on the Signs of Life Radio Show, were also drawn to this particular descriptive word of the afterlife experience, and expressed their curiosity about it.