Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Landscape of Resonance in the Risen text

A spectacular Injun Summer's day, even with the high humidity. Perfect sunshine and breezes, and clusters of dragonflies sailing about the field looking for insects. I took a break from the report on the sittings I attended a few weeks ago - almost done! - and pondered further on a park bench near the water about how to present a particular and peculiar aspect of our book, The Risen.  I had been wondering for a few years about when someone would eventually discover this, and it turned out to be my friend Noveh, and we discussed it on our flight to Buffalo en route to Lily Dale.

The peculiar aspect Noveh noticed centered on a particular paragraph, although there were many others, which she said seemed to literally and physically project out from the page surface, as if three-dimensional. I had also noticed this phenomenon which reminded me of a raised relief topographical map, such as geologists use—but then I know how to look, having been so intimately involved with the material from the beginning.  It was clear, at least to us, that we were seeing this "landscape" from some kind of spiritual sensing perspective, perhaps clairvoyantly. The specific paragraph we examined was from Chapter 21: Krishnamurti Speaks, and was the "finale" of some material channeled by Krishnamurti, whose state of existence at this point is best described as "beyond Risen". Here is the paragraph:

“However, can one sit for awhile at this cliff’s edge of what was formerly thought of as the known and listen to the cries of fear, perhaps even rage, that sound all around and within the self? As these cries fade, like echoes at the edge of a great chasm, there is a silence that arises, unknown in the world of thoughts, beliefs, behavior, or time. Sitting in choiceless awareness, without thought or belief, without primal emotion, all sense of direction and time are now drawn into this awareness. One may seemingly and endlessly think about continuing on past the edge of the abyss into the unknown."
Noveh was able to point out to me specifically where she saw the rising and falling of shapes, even movement, within the text above. She could even see how several specific words set next to each other formed some kind of linking that evoked other words and feelings in her own presence.  She also mentioned that some kind of "light structures", sparkles or shards, emitted from certain points of the topography. Although the effect that I'm speaking about most likely will not be evident here in an online document,  perhaps there may be. I would encourage anyone with a hard copy of the book to see for themselves. 

I am reminded of experiments that make the vibrations of sound visible as simple and complex geometric shapes on a surface covered with a fine substance, such as this once which reveals the beauties of resonance:

Regarding the Risen text — we have mentioned several times in and outside the book, and in different ways that every page, paragraph, sentence, and word—including the very placement of each—was chosen and then exquisitely constructed (or orchestrated) by the Risen to evoke specific emotionally-charged Risen ideas in the reader. So it could be said that the book is a collection of "landscapes" that contain far more data than a 2D surface could express; we also refer to this as an infosphere. We also use the term "geography" when referring to other dimensional states of mind and spirit. For me, it's especially gratifying that someone finally noticed! The Risen say that the book was constructed in such ways as to change and raise the vibration of the reader, provided one starts at the beginning and goes forward page by page to the end, and not skip randomly.

See how conceptual artist Lisa Park uses a certain technology to transmit her brain waves and eye activity into data that vibrates in various patterns on the surface of water:

This artist is drawing on emotions of memory and experience. In like manner, readers of The Risen will also affect the content of the Risen text by their own emotional memories and experiences. In turn, this sets up very particular resonances that creates openness and openings to higher-vibrating localities, as well as attracting like vibrations from spirit entities and other influences in informational and inspirational ways.

The more a reader is "in tune" with the material, the more they will "hear" .... the less they are in tune, or especially if reading with a closed or even hostile mind, the less they will discern. Such individuals will also struggle with their ego-mind if it is threatened by the material's insistence of awakening Authentic Self.

So in a very real way, our book is a geography of  many layers, with many portals. Most people start at the top layer, and may feel they've accessed layers beneath it, and then feel urged to go on even deeper. Others can't get past the first level. As we say so often in the book:  "worlds within worlds." Now you know more about what we mean. This book could easily occupy the right reader for many years, as it will me.


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