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Tails from The Catacombs

[First posted 12/12/10]

Reader, “French” commented on an old posting from January 6, 2006 (see Today’s Curmudgio: The Diakka and A Course In Miracles) for his comments. Thank you, French, I didn’t think anyone looked around here all that much!

Yes, those who have certain affinities and gravitate to Diakka geographies, could indeed be politicians, who are, unfortunately, known for being over-skilled at lying to others and to themselves. In this case, the lie would be that while they might concede that they have survived and achieved “the great and wondrous event formerly known as ‘death’ “(The Risen, p. 39,) they still refuse to accept that they are also immortal, and that some kind of cosmic joke or mistake has occurred, and they will eventually fade away, forever. Obviously to those who have made the final realization, it’s clear such people are in the deepest of denial, no humility, and irrational. So, yes . . . politicians.

It’s wonderful to hear about your experiences with Louis, I only wish I heard more like this from others. Both of you understand that this is possible, and so enable it to happen. For it to happen, not only does the terrestrial person have to believe and accept such possibilities, but the Risen person must also have the same conscious awareness and acceptance. This seemingly simple koan is part of the mysteries of quantum mechanics and the theory of “entanglement.” One particle does not a universe make; one speck (photon) of sunshine does not the sun make. We are all entangled, meaning all related in some way, and everything affects everything else. To be able to wake up to this realization — what joy to realize one is never alone, and eventually, that one is All One.

French also comments:

“. . .  there's a mention in the book of ego-minds simply refusing to believe the experience of Home is anything other than a delusion. Now I took the impression, the first time I read it (can't find the reference now!) that it meant people who were atheists thinking that way. Is that correct? It makes sense and yet it doesn't, because presumably someone atheist wouldn't expect to be thinking anything at all ... but it's such a comfort to know everyone will see it eventually, that "happily ever after" really is open to all.”

It depends on what you mean by “atheist”: one who doesn’t believe in a Higher Power, or additionally, one who doesn’t believe in anything but themselves, or one who doesn’t even believe in themselves — and any and all combinations. If one’s Authentic Self (AS) is asleep while the ego-mind is completely in charge, there will be no conscious awareness of “Home.” While ego-mind cannot experience Home as AS can, it is intelligent enough to infer it using its sharp reasoning skills; and so to avoid what it rightfully fears, it creates denial. This reflects back to the above comment about “one particle does not a universe make” which ego-mind does believe in and promote.

And before we get too serious, we leave you the following from the "CATtacombs" to help put the Universe back into perspective.


At Sun Dec 12, 08:27:00 PM 2010, Blogger french said...

Greetings, August, thanks for the reply!

When I said "atheist" I was thinking of the pretty basic "there is no God" and "there is no soul/afterlife" meaning. I suspect that if someone is expecting to stop existing, going right on doing so would be a trifle hard to explain ... or explain away. That's what made me connect it with the "this is all an illusion" bit in the book.

Allowing oneself to belief, getting over the default unbelief, is the tricky bit. I'm there overall, it's just individual moments that I wonder about - like, "Louis, did you say that or was it my imagination?". At present I'm trying to wean myself off using a pendulum to confirm things with a yes/no answer. Given one can influence pendulums anyway, it's not as reliable as it seems. (Louis refers to it with a dash of fine French disdain as "the machine".)

Oh, my screen name OUGHT to be "frenchqueen13" but for some reason the site always prints it as "french". I'm a she. :D

Love that video. Even without sound it's very easy to imagine the Siamese voice. Must listen to it at home where my computer has sound.

Louis and I went skating last night at Home. Been waiting a year for the pond to freeze again (skating isn't something I do here; frozen ponds don't feature in Australia). Torvill and Dean eat your hearts out!

Louise (no, it's not a coincidence or synchronicity that our names are the same - I changed mine by deed poll decades ago).

At Tue Dec 14, 02:37:00 AM 2010, Blogger french said...

ROFL okay, having now heard as well as seen that video, I know I had NO idea what that Siamese voice was like!

Just what one might expect of a kitty medium, though ...


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