Monday, April 04, 2011

The Other Place

Just had a wonderful evening seeing the intense new play, "The Other Place" at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. It's one of my favourite theatres in NYC, and a place Tim and I used to go to see shows. In this instance, the "other place" is not some Risen geography -- or is it? The other place is a state of mind of a person (brilliantly acted by Laurie Metcalf) who is slowly succumbing to dementia, as her memories and concepts of mind are increasingly being challenged. It reminded me very much of how a person might transition.

I wanted to post one of her lines that had a powerful effect on me and which I hope I remember correctly:

"The person I no longer am, is who I am now."

Rather than comment further on it, I will just let it stand as is.


At Mon Apr 04, 07:07:00 PM 2011, Blogger Richard Ashton said...

That's really the beauty of the self that observes what's going on around it isn't it? Even when, in aging, or injury - when the brain is not functioning well and the mind is confused - the self that transitions, the Authentic Self, is unchanged. That which we have always been, the Authentic Self, is that which we become.


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