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From The Text: Ego-Mind, Simulate Self, & Authentic Self

Mandelbrot Image by Paul Nylander

From The Risen:
The ego-mind is an obsessively opinionated, decision-making psychological component of the earthly mind-body. All thought arises from its mentality, generated to manifest physical forms and experiences on the material plane. Simultaneously, it outwardly projects judgments about our mind-body’s perceptions and its environment into our inner space, and onto the bodies and environments of others. This projection is the simulate self. When the feeling of Authentic Self has awakened, all thoughts can be observed, accepted, shelved, or dissolved from a consciously aware stance. But until then, the ego-mind is in complete control of any rising thoughts.
The language of a malfunctioning ego-mind is tribal and therefore fear-based. It subscribes to judgmental concepts that use words and phrases such as “exclusive,” “special,” “restricted,” “fashionable,” “better than/less than,” “best/worst,” “superior/inferior,” “evolved/degenerate,” “elite/common,” “chosen/damned,” and “new and improved.” Gossip, complaint, and criticism are its food and drink. It is motivated by fame and recognition, and fueled by envy and competition. Insatiably seeking entertainment, “gleeful” and “gloating” best describe its sense of humor, which is delivered with jealousy, sarcasm, and resentment. The ego-mind loves competitive contests. It enjoys attracting and manifesting disasters.
The ego-mind is future-oriented—it cannot wait, and it worries. It worries about worry. Its language, couched in suggestions, generates anxiety attacks. The ego-mind will seize upon the body’s minor aches and escalate them into mental terrors and fantasies about disease and death.
The ego-mind prefers to begin speaking with “I think” and “I believe.” It developed the ritualized practices of “say please and thank you” and “I told you so.” Co-conspiring ego-minds are responsible for the inventions of money, business, politics, capitalism, socialism, spectator sports, organized religion and other forms of war games; journalism, art criticism, bumper stickers, body dysmorphia, racism, sexism, homophobia, genderphobia; so-called “reality” shows and other Nazi-like experiments; as well as the destruction of the rain forests. The Internet has been co-opted almost entirely by simulate selves. The collective ego-mind’s greatest desire is to achieve a Global Madison Avenue.
Awakened Authentic Self, while outwardly aware of these insane aspects of the simulated world around it, remains inwardly undisturbed and at peace.
Few earth-embodied Authentic Selves are consciously aware of the psychological component of their mind-body-spirit, also called the psyche or soul. The vast majority of people are moving about in the world with the ego-mind in the driving seat while they sleep in the back, occasionally and briefly waking to look at the scenery passing them by, but then quickly falling back into hibernation. The ego-mind’s driving is compulsive, habitual, and irrational—it’s mad as a hatter. Its ever-increasing neuroticism is generally uncontrollable because of our ignorant somnambulance. As a species, we have relegated it to our underconscious, from where it secretly dictates most, if not all, of our mental direction. In other words, it completely controls our world.
The ego-mind’s development began very soon after the dawning of human consciousness, and so is the most ancient source of human-generated deities. A more detailed etiology of the ego-mind and the simulate self will be presented further on.
Because of the unlimited energy permitted to the ego-mind, the simulate self is able to present and maintain the semblance of a self-aware consciousness. In effect, this simulacrum or imitation manifests its own kind of form, and simultaneously, a projected, perceived environment for this form. This environment arises from the multitude of anxious thoughts we allow the ego-mind to generate and amplify, drawing from the vast expanses of energy circumscribed by our fear and trembling.
The simulate self resides in our material body’s mental areas. The core, true self, or Authentic Self, dwells within the non-mental areas of our interpenetrating material, etheric, and astral bodies. Although the ego-mind is always seeking to condition us, Authentic Self does not seek to condition, nor can It be conditioned.
Authentic Self does not think or have thoughts. It observes them as they arise from the ego-mind, which is contained within the infinite space of Mind. Mind is also imagination, an aspect which is neutral until activated by a particular emotion or thought. As unaware beings whose lives are dictated by the ego-mind, we sustain the false belief that it is Authentic Self. This grants the ego-mind the power to rule our body, our imagination, our environment, and our life by its thinking and in any way it so chooses.
A perceived projection is a presumption of reality, giving rise within the mind of the ego to the illusions it thinks we should experience as “the world.” Thus, “the ten thousand things” of this manifested world are projected and named by the ego-mind. It will unfailingly and skillfully use the illusion of any form of presumed, perceived loss—grief, fear, sadness, anger, regret, anxiety, nostalgia—to keep us from connecting with and awakening to true, present reality. Awareness of our immortal existence—our true presence—within an infinite universe of experience reveals that “loss” is only a thought, an idea with no base in authentic reality whatsoever.
... Why is it so crucial to become consciously aware of the many identities and voices of the ego-mind? First, and as stated at the beginning of this chapter, the Risen are presenting this material to help begin the process of correcting the ego-mind process, in order to communicate with the Risen. Until we can become familiar with these false inner gods and their agendas and methods, we will be unable to determine with confidence when a voice actually belongs to a Risen One. If we want to have conversations with the Risen, we must be able to at least temporarily silence the voices of the simulate selves. Second, until we become aware of the ego-mind’s lies about death, which keep us fettered to fear, and of our hidden beliefs that make us co-conspirators with it, we will have little chance of ever connecting with our Authentic Self, and then with the greater authentic reality of the Risen.


At Fri Apr 01, 01:07:00 PM 2011, Blogger Richard Ashton said...

The Ego-Mind, Simulate Self and Authentic Self are components of our current being, along with the physical body. By understanding the characteristics of the ego-mind and simulate self, it is easier to view them in action. Viewing and understanding the physical body functioning is probably the easiest. The more difficult component for us to become aware of and to understand its functioning is the Authentic Self.

How can we know, or connect with, the Authentic Self? How can we learn to live within the Authentic Self, to learn from the Authentic Self, and to best prepare for the Authentic Self's inevitable transition?

At Fri Apr 01, 01:27:00 PM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

We have never disconnected and cannot disconnect from Authentic Self, as we are and always have been Authentic Self. Ego-mind splits our awareness in ways that lead us to think we have disconnected; these thoughts are ego-mind's, not ours as Authentic Self.

Ancient spiritual wisdom traditions all agree that cultivating a conscious, aware sense of "I Am" will lead us back to knowing that we are Authentic Self. The modern spiritual movement known as "New Thought" focuses on this approach in many ways and can be very helpful in gaining control of one's wayward ego-mind.

At Fri Apr 01, 06:22:00 PM 2011, Blogger Madame de Monsieur said...

Hi, August, Tim, et al,

I'm glad you posted this; it reminds me to ask something. If all thought arises from the ego-mind, where does the thinking one does over There arise from? Or is it that all earthly thought arises from or is shaped by the e-m?

At Fri Apr 01, 08:33:00 PM 2011, Blogger Richard Ashton said...

Hi August and Tim, in the blog you mention that Authentic Self does not think or have thoughts. When we leave behind ego-mind, simulate self and physical body and become only Authentic Self, does Authentic Self then begin to think, or have mind? As you are aware,there is an ongoing debate about brain-mind and whether mind continues to exist after death. Ego-mind and simulate self do not transition. When mediums are in contact with those who have transitioned, and who appear to possess mind, what mind could that be?

At Fri Apr 01, 10:21:00 PM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

Richard ~ in order to ask these questions, one must be able to define what is meant by "thought" and "mind". Right now, you are thinking in terms of thinking using thinking . . . you cannot think or debate beyond thought, or else you will still be thinking. Thought can only debate about more thought. Can "thought" and "mind" be defined by what is beyond thinking and mind? Authentic Self is beyond thinking and mind. IT is you.
This may sound odd, but re-read the chapter, but backwards.

At Fri Apr 01, 10:30:00 PM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

Dear Madame - Cease thinking (if you can) and look within, the answer lies there.

Richard - the Risen have access to what we call "thoughts", but which are more like intelligent creatures to them. The Risen utilize much more advanced forms of communication than thought. Our "thoughts" could be said to be imitations simulated from the residue of higher dimensions, as imagined by the ego-mind. Imagination, however, was not meant for the ego-mind to use, but for Authentic Self to manifest variations of Truth. Each Authentic Self is such a variation. Mediums are not in contact with the Risen; it is the other way around. The Risen don't possess mind; Mind possesses Itself.

At Sat Apr 02, 12:24:00 AM 2011, Blogger Madame de Monsieur said...

Bafflin'! :D

This speaks to me more of the integration of the various parts of ourselves, than the sloughing of any of them, when we go Home. It's all good, though. A case of "it'll all come out in the wash" because even if we don't grasp it here, we will there.

Speaking of the wash, I'd better go and bring mine in before it rains!


At Sat Apr 02, 09:40:00 AM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

Louise - Baffling and mysterious is is. Where there's more light, there's more to see and understand. At least there won't be any laundry to do at our new Home.

At Sat Apr 02, 05:55:00 PM 2011, Blogger Madame de Monsieur said...

LOL I was joking recently with Louis about it being just as well we don't have to do laundry at Home. We've been doing a lot of work in the garden there lately!

There are all sorts of delicious mysteries about life There, even when it is perfectly quiet and domestic on the surface. Time's a good example. I always seem to arrive Home in the morning, and the other day found Louis still in bed. Where did that night come from that he slept? It was night here when I crossed and he'd been with me all day (my mother is in hospital after a minor stroke and Louis isn't budging from my side).

He hadn't any idea how Time works either. He said once it was a tangled skein which he didn't propose trying to unravel! I reminded him of this the other day and he went one better - he had a theory that time is a skein of wool controlled by a cat.

Makes sense to me! ;)

At Sat Apr 02, 07:10:00 PM 2011, Blogger Richard Ashton said...

August, Tim, Louise: Firstly, I appreciate being able to be in the conversation, thanks.

Ok, I can understand that there is a different way of being in the next level and that to try to understand it in today's framework can be futile. What I am trying to get at is - how best can we prepare ourselves for the next journey?

At Sat Apr 02, 11:14:00 PM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

Richard - what is this need for preparing, where is this idea coming from? Trace it back to its origin. But keep in mind that you only get to bring your awareness of Self, which is all you have, and all you need. The rest will be waiting for you. The works of Ernest Holmes have a good saying: "God is my good; my good goes before me to prepare the way."

Yes, Louise, Tim confirms that cats control not just our world but all worlds, and the entire universe.

At Sun Apr 03, 12:33:00 AM 2011, Blogger Madame de Monsieur said...

Tim is a wise, wise man!

At Sun Apr 03, 09:58:00 AM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

I'm trying to balance a cat on my lap and arms as I type this. Richard, I'm not used to having the idea of "preparing" for after-transition - you leave, you arrive, you're there. So I apologize if I'm a bit slow in understanding. In terms of preparation, as The Risen book seeks to guide throughout its text, it's very simple. Many arrive there in various states of sleep and confusion. If you want to arrive in an awakened, conscious state, now's the time to identify, deal with and let go of any fears about "death" or "punishment". (Hence the chapters on how to relinquish ego-mind's control.) This makes the journey quick and free of stress. Perhaps begin to approach it by cultivating the feelings a small child will have, barely able to wait for Christmas and all its wonderful magic to arrive on the big day. Cultivate the child-like assurance of being taken care of, and not having to take care of yourself. Become aware of being in this world, but not of it. Ignore those religious dogma and formulae which are but nothing but ego-mental, fear-based superstitions. Become the Authority in your mind and in your life. (Look at AA's 12 Steps if you want near-perfect spiritual guidance.) It's all in the book . . . which took almost 8 years to manifest and capture as much as could be comprehended of what the Risen were trying to convey to me.

At Sun Apr 03, 03:40:00 PM 2011, Blogger Richard Ashton said...

August and Tim, thank you for the added information, it is greatly appreciated. For me, there are two important lifetimes at this time. There is my current life here and now and there is my future life without my body and ego-mind. The understandings I am trying to incorporate into my nowness are for the benefit of both lifetimes. There appears to be a wonderful perfection that exists and I am trying to learn how best to incorporate that perfection in my living, in the most effective and efficient way . For me, it is a continual process of not just accepting what I am given but in actually believing that what I am accepting is true. It is also a process of learning about living that I haven't thought possible.

I am trying to learn about the wonderful perfection and I am also trying to learn about, and understand and deal with, all of the distractions from that wonderful perfection. (it is difficult to put into words)

I guess that is what I mean by trying to best prepare for the future. It is also trying to best prepare for living now.

Somehow it seems appropriate to try to learn. That is why I found your book so wonderful. It introduced me to ideas that speak truth to me, ideas and understandings that I can incorporate into my being both for the benefit of now and hopefully for the benefit of the future.

This is a long post. Not sure if it makes sense. Not sure if other people are going through a similar process of learning, to best prepare and live in the nowness and to try to best prepare for the future.

Thanks for your continued support and insights. I really do appreciate them.

At Sun Apr 03, 07:39:00 PM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

Richard, we thank you for your wonderful support and determination!
well done,
August & Tim

At Sun Apr 03, 07:39:00 PM 2011, Blogger Madame de Monsieur said...

You nearly had a reply from a cat yesterday, August - I showed a friend the blog and one of her furries walked on the keyboard while she read the comments. We both often suffer the Tabby Eclipse effect while trying to read the screen!

Richard, might I say that August's description of being like a little kid waiting for Christmas is spot on? I can't say I'm in that state all the time - cultural doubts and fears take some shedding - but oy, when I get a clear memory of messing about at Home with Louis the night before, it resonates enough to remind me of just how good it will be to go Home permanently. When things like gardening (which I have no interest in here) become fun and absorbing, that's hint enough for me of what awaits. And I'm remembering stuff on what I'd call a beginner's level, in a very earthly fashion for the most part. But at least that makes them easy to record!

Oh, and for what it's worth, something Louis said to me a few years ago - "Why should everything true be difficult?" And he's been around long enough to know.

Louise :)

At Sun Apr 03, 07:46:00 PM 2011, Blogger Madame de Monsieur said...

Richard, your last comment came up just after I posted - may I say this part:

"For me, it is a continual process of not just accepting what I am given but in actually believing that what I am accepting is true. It is also a process of learning about living that I haven't thought possible"

is a terrific summation of what I too am going through. Chucking off the doubts or disbeliefs or fears we imbibe in our rather schizoid Judeo-Christian/materialist reductionist culture is quite a process. I think of it sometimes as getting rid of the "it's too good to be true" default.

At Sun Apr 03, 08:19:00 PM 2011, Blogger Richard Ashton said...

August and Tim, you don't have to post this one. I just wanted to say thanks for the kind words. My favourite quote for quite some time now is, "But rather seek ye the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you."

I hope you both have a great week.

At Mon Apr 04, 01:34:00 AM 2011, Blogger Richard Ashton said...

Louise, thanks for sharing that you too are going through some of the same things. Thank you for your insights. It's all good. I appreciate the banter in the blog and look forward to more stimulating conversations. I hope you also have a great week. Thanks again.

At Mon Apr 04, 03:54:00 PM 2011, Blogger Madame de Monsieur said...

Thanks, Richard! It is nice to hear from others with similar experiences. You, too, have a great week!

Louise :)


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