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Reproduced here is the image referred to in some of the comments by a reader here, from a recent "spirit card" seance sitting with Rev. mediums Hoyt Robinette and Gail Hicks. We are grateful for the permission to show it and for this reader's diligence in revealing the half-tone image -- who believes it might be Fiorella LaGuardia -- which was then clearly covered over with certain pigments and possibly other chemicals used by illustrators in their work. Half-tone are those little black dots once seen in newspaper photos, for example, a technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of the dots, varying either in size, in shape or in spacing. In this image, the half-tone doesn't appear to be modern digital, but maybe generated from an old 70's or 80's laser printer, but who knows?

Our reader notes: "A few believers and sceptics mentioned that they've seen the same photo images coming out of various events, just with different color treatments. Looks like they are running out of old photos in their library and have to recycle previous images!"

We find it of interest that Rev. Hicks shares at her website that she has a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art.

Because we have already discussed the many details, in great detail, about August's image of Boris Pasternak (who is actually now one of his guides in spirit), rather than revisit them, we refer readers to those blog postings, but sharing now that the image has continued to transition in macro and micro appearance over the years (including becoming increasing iridescent and sparkly, and what appears to be the face slowly turning to reveal more of an ear which was hidden in a kind of mist at one time.) Whether this is some kind of spirit phenomenon or the result of the aging of pigments and chemicals can't be determined without the help of a chemistry lab. I (August) just spent more time poring over the image with my Bausch & Lomb 7X Hastings triplet magnifier, which is used by biologists for viewing 3D objects. And oh my, the things not visible to the naked eye! Worlds within worlds, indeed. But perhaps I'm deluded as some might suggest. I am blessed to have close connections to a very special network of very smart scientists around the world, and am going to see if I can find someone who can subject the image to modern, sophisticated electron scanning, or whatever the thingamajigs are called.

All that being said, I have seen a fair amount of obvious flim-flammery over the years, and by some very well-known people in the spiritualist/survivalist community. I confronted them very quietly, of course, and must tread carefully where matters of privacy and confidentiality are concerned (and issues of slander and defamation as well) but not one of the confrontations turned out well. Some people are definitely deluded. And all that being said, anyone who has read The Risen about some of the things I've experienced first hand could not be faulted for their disbelief; however, in keeping in line with Risen do-it-yourself philosophy, open the mind, take a deep breath, and do it yourself.


At Sun Mar 27, 05:08:00 AM 2011, Blogger Madame de Monsieur said...

Don't I just wish I could get an actual photo of Louis - it'd save a lot of messing around creating digital approximations (and even more time scouring the Net for suitable models and backgrounds)!


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