Monday, September 20, 2010

Rambling Rambling Rambling

Wow, talk about quarky synchronicity. About an hour after the last post, "Ramblings", somebody posted a quite hostile review of our book at Amazon, titled, "Boring piece of rambling, mind-numbing trash". Here's the short and sweet review:

"I purchased this book because I am interested in learning more about the possible after-life, but this "book" is nothing but the ramblings of what must be a bi-polar or split personality writer. Why it took SO MANY pages to say NOTHING is beyond me. This was a waste of money. If you enjoy reading a rambling narrative which leads nowhere and could have been done in one tenth the number of words, knock yourself out! "
Note that "ramblings" was used twice, also in the title. After my last post about the same word as a special gift from Authentic Self, it begs the question, "Is this also a message from this person's Authentic Self"? Yes. Here, the word is used correctly according to its definition, but as if "rambling" is a bad thing. This ego-mind became enraged (not angered) and many of its resentments triggered, and as can happen when an ailing ego-mind is in control, its host is made to pull the trigger and shoot to kill. As August recently remarked to a friend, "The Risen is full of triggers."

"Using this fear like a gun at our head, our ego-mind takes us hostage. It demands and is given so much carte blanche energy that it could be said to have a mind of its own, the mind which used to be fully ours. This entity-like energy will do anything to survive." (p. 76)

To reiterate the rule of thumb as suggested in The Risen, "If we become aware that there is an inner thought or feeling with any negativity trying to direct a course of action, by bullying with guilt or name-calling, then be assured that here is the voice of a simulate self and the habitation of its lies, the ego-mind." (p. 90)

We would ask those reading to recognize that here is a suffering mind, and to join us in an authoritative, aware spiritual response that looks past the pain to the perfect, joy- and light-filled child of Creator Source, which shares the same Mind of Creator Source, which is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent; and so it is.


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