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Activation Stones: continued observations

August's Bloodstone, Culet upwards
(See diagram below for "culet")
[updated 3/21/18. New information at the bottom in bold.

I continue in my fascination with the large activation "bloodstone" I received during a physical séance when recently in Sardegna (see Sardinia Séance: Materialized Phenomena for August). As I gather more information about my stones, and hopefully from others, I'll continue to report about it here. I must say that I wonder if any such exploration will reveal anything useful, as my lifetime experiences with the Ways of Spirit tend to reveal more mystery and less conclusions. But, as Tim and I say in one of our books, not all mysteries were meant to be solve, but simply enjoyed.

I'm now bringing my activation stone to our weekly sittings for physical mediumship. Also called a "blood stone" by Hans B, an alchemist of the FEG circle, who delivered it via a blinding discharge of white light, which I can only describe as a "mini-super nova" during a sitting in Sardegna.

Noveh's Activation Stone
culet upwards
Another circle member, Noveh, who also received a clear activation stone brought through via an ectoplasmic mass on the entranced medium's face, also brings her stone to the circle, where we place them just outside the energy dome. The dome now contains several Herkimer Diamond crystals (found only in Herkimer County, NY) as well as a rare specimen of "Dravite-Uvite Tourmaline in Inwood Marble" -- found only in the particular neighborhood where I live and where the dome resides (at the very tip-top of Manhattan Island from the primitive timber forest there.)

Closeup: Dravite-Uvite w/tourmalines
Energy Dome w/Crystals
Diagram 1
While it appears that Noveh's clear stone remains the same in terms of color, regardless of light source, the blood-stone changes quite dramatically. Brief research on gemstone and glass spectrum analysis suggests that certain gems do change color in different light spectrums, as do certain kinds of glass. One friend who had an activation stone examined by a qualified gemologist reports it was assessed as cut glass ... but what kind of glass? At the seance where the blood
stone was received, the Alchemist remarked that the stones are not apports, but "activation" or more succinctly, "creation" stones, so-called because Spirit Chemists actually create them ... just how, it was not revealed. My intuition is that the process and substances involved cannot be translated into earthly terms, at least not yet, it is hoped.

Photo 1 Bloodstone, "table" facet upward,
and changed to a bright red-magenta color.
Photo 2 Bloodstone

Note photos (1 & 2) of the bloodstone taken next to the dome under incandescent light. Referring to Diagram 1 above, this tone has a Crown of 40 facets and a Pavilion of 24 facets, so with the Table (top facet) there is a total or 64 facets. There is a Girdle dividing crown and pavilion, (not visible here) which a gem-knowledgeable friend of mine thought interesting, as the Girdle is a functional aspect meant to facilitate setting the stone into a ring, pendant, and so on.

Photo 3 - bloodstone, facing away
from natural light source

Photo 4 - bloodstone, facing toward
natural light source.

Photo 5
Note photos (3 & 4) of the bloodstone taken in natural light, facing and turned away from the light source. I've no idea why there should be such a dramatic change in color, other than that the substance of which it's made contains elements that transmit, reflect and refract light in particular ways. Photo 5 helps give a sense of the bloodstone's dimensions.
Photo 6 - mysterious "spots"
Photo 6 is an attempt to show a close up of "anomalies" -- clear-looking patches which at first appear to reveal that the coloring of the stone is just a glaze on top of a clear stone. But when I viewed them through a special geologist's lens, they aren't clear at all - if they were, one would be able to see through them to the other side, and so they would appear orange like the rest of the stone. Instead, these spots appear to be some kind of extremely-thinly coated substance on top of the stone. Astoundingly -- to me, anyway -- they resemble very much the way the surface of a spirit-precipitated piece of art looks under the same geologist lens! (See "Where Is Moose & Squirrel" for pictures and the fascinating story about this work of spirit precipitation.) The photo here does not reveal the kind of detail I'd like to show, but they remind me also of electroplated surfaces, appearing silvery but not reflective, with fairly uneven edges, and very slight chromatic changes when angled differently. This makes me wonder if the creation process, which obviously involved some kind of light as it emerged into the terrestrial dimension of the séance room, was using the light for the "electroplating"?

In terms of how these objects are affecting the sitters, both of us are experiencing extremely increased active states of dreaming, as well as increased and new physical sensations during sittings, which have always been part of the sitting, but now seem to be shifting in still different ways.

More will be blogged as more is revealed!


This information comes from various sources, including the medium who helped deliver my stones.

Different Activation Stones have their subtexts and purposes. Activation stones basically activate one’s connection and involvement with one’s spiritual path towards higher concepts of life and existence. As created physical equivalents, they systemically strengthen while symbolizing the spiritual ideal behind the  higher seeking. Through their appearance a circle of Activation is coming into being.

In terms of different Activation Stones, there have been green and brown ones (earthstones) for grounding; yellow ones (sunstones) for enlightenment; very large “Center Stones” intended for Organizers: all with specific correlated programing.

Blood stones connect the one and one’s actions and environment with an etherical and informational (spiritual) power source, in the way that blood of the human body connects its organs to unite them into whole one body. These particular stones enable a constant flow of fine matter information from naturally connected sources and enhance one’s system in just this way. Bloodstones are given to healers, therapists, experimenters and members of experimental circles. They are the only stones that bind its receiver into a permanent flow of informational energy like no other Activation Stone.


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