Tuesday, March 20, 2018

More Spirit-Trumpet Mania

Since returning from our sittings in Sardegna, spirit-activation stones now introduced into séance, we continue to experience various physical phenomena, including many different sounds coming from walls, floor and ceiling, light dim and bright, colored mists ascending and descending, temperature changes, whistling, singing and humming about in the air, touches, and "energetic substance" gathering on the head and face. As well, the two trumpets placed beneath the dome's table have been known to move several inches from their marked position on the floor. At our most recent sitting, the trumpets were positioned thusly (Fig. 1):

Figure 1
At the upper left is a small pottery bowl filled with water, which rests beneath an empty chair, reserved for the circle member who joins us remotely. The trumpet which is the subject of this blog is shown as it was before the séance began. The small piece of exposed glow-tape, which has a line drawn on it (drawn by Spirit several years ago, by the way!) is aligned with a line in the floor where the boards meet, as is our standard practice. The other trumpet to its right is also aligned in a similar way.

After the sitting was done and the regular lights turned on, we discovered that the trumpet had left its mark and was now resting with its narrow end over one of the rungs of the table's legs, the wide end pushed up against the water bowl. (Figures 2 and 3)

Figure 2
Figure 3

Figure 3 shows the original resting place of the now-displaced trumpet.  Naturally, healthy skepticism demanded some exploration and experimentation with how such a thing could happen other than Spirit-directed action. After about 30 minutes of trying various ways, including how any of the sitters might have accidentally knocked it over with their feet, it was determined that the force of such an action could have only come from behind the trumpet from where the empty chair was placed. Since nobody is sitting there, nor anyone's feet on that side of the trumpet, we can only conclude that it was not a sitter who displaced the trumpet. Further, when we did tip it over, even with a light tap or push, the trumpet, which is hollow and made of thin, semi-rigid plastic, made a great din of "bonkety-bonk-bonk" as it bounced around for a few seconds before finally coming to rest.  Everyone is quite certain we certainly would have heard such a racket, but we did not. There have been sittings where we have inadvertently knocked a trumpet over while getting ready (but never during a sitting) and it always makes a great deal of noise while bounding around.

For more reading about our circle's trumpet-antics, go HERE.


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