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Chapter 10: Wake Up!

The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli, 1781

A diligent reader of The Risen, Martin, writes to us:
"I'm re-reading Chap 10 ... It's taking longer than I expected … as you said, this material is very hard to focus on. I think your book is very dense with information that is completely unfamiliar to most people's experience and is hard to read. But your remark that the ego-self is actively fighting this knowledge is very interesting and something I had not thought of before."
Martin -

Our book addresses the fact that doubting is often the first thing that comes up when reading Chapter 10 - and that this is the ego-mind stepping in to try to derail your journey to freedom, with its suggestions that you're crazy, or foolish, what nonsense, wishful thinking, etc.(1) It's often difficult for most of us to disengage the ego-mind's grip on our thinking, as it wants to do our thinking for us. Many people succumb to the ego-mind's suggestions and then make its beliefs their beliefs, instead of ruling their own inner kingdom of Authentic Self.  Chapter 10 discusses in depth how to deal with the ego-mind after shining the light of Truth on it. This light is that there is no death . . . period. The chapter is often difficult for many because it's so hard to pin down the ego-mind, which is so good at lying. Most people are unaware of this great deceiver, and it will even make it hard to concentrate on the reading. But we must deal with it so we can still its lies and then hear the truth of the living voices of our loved ones. The works of Ernest Holmes can be very helpful in learning how to use thought correctly as well.  

Everything you report is completely expected, so no worries or judgments, just encouragement and kudos to you for staying with it. Chapter 10 encapsulates, in a very small space, several millennium of the deepest of higher vibrating information generally unavailable to the majority of humanity as it exists in its unawakened state. Finding language to do this was exceptionally difficult, being transmitted by non-embodied people, and taking nearly 8 years. Ego-mind has put each person to sleep, a learning process which begins fairly soon after a person's physical birth. Our parents /caretakers teach us, or rather, their ego-minds teach us to tune out of Reality and into unreality; in turn, we are taught to teach others the same lies while reinforcing them in our sleeping self. Chapter 10 addresses how to begin to wake up to regain true awakened consciousness, the state we were each born to begin with. Many readers will reject or ignore it, as directed by their ego-mind. Others will struggle, which is like trying to wake up from the sleep paralysis accompanying a nightmare. It is much easier to go back to sleep.

When we transition, we will have awakened much more because ego-mind cannot go with us once the physical body is left. But if you are basically still asleep when you transition, your awakening on the new side many have many challenges. These challenges can be dispensed earlier on if we strive to awaken before we transition. Our transition, then, will be much more light-filled, brilliant, exhilarating, and Real.  As well, being in this awakened state while still embodied on Earth may very well enable us to begin communicating with those who exist in higher vibrating states, such as those who are Risen.

As Tim loves to say, "Onward, ho!"
(1) As a perfect example of an ego-mind response to the material, one reviewer of the book at Amazon shared,"I purchased this book because I am interested in learning more about the possible after-life, but this "book" is nothing but the ramblings of what must be a bi-polar or split personality writer. Why it took SO MANY pages to say NOTHING is beyond me. This was a waste of money. If you enjoy reading a rambling narrative which leads nowhere and could have been done in one tenth the number of words, knock yourself out! "
Here we see a direct and irrational command from an ego-mind for the struggling, awakening Self to become unconscious!


At Mon Oct 17, 02:13:00 AM 2011, Blogger Madame de Monsieur said...

Hello August,

It's been a while since I read the book, so I had a quick look to see what Chapter 10 referred to. Yes, it is a difficult one ... though nothing compares to Prufrock's Being-cum-Cat-cum-Vulcan prose! :)

Something I wonder about occasionally, and this seems a good opportunity to ask: if one accepts, at base, despite niggling doubts, the reality of life going on to Spirit, do you think it makes much difference whether it's the ego-mind doing the accepting, or the Authentic Self? As I've said before, I tend to think of them as more connected, or the ego-mind as an earthly presentation of the person, affected by society's attitudes. When I skimmed the chapter just now I read the comment about the sense of "I Am" being from Authentic Self. What struck me as ironic is that one could say "I Am" to many people of, say, Buddhist persuasion, and be told that one isn't; that it's only the ego talking, that enlightenment brings loss of self in the Infinite, etc etc. While I haven't a lot of time for this philosophy, I find myself thinking that I am who I am, whether that's poor old ego-mind talking or something deeper; they're all part of me. I just hope that, and the loving welcoming committee, are enough to shrug off any residual materialist-instilled doubts and fears and make going Home simple.

I'm rambling, oy!

I shall wave in the general direction of NYC tomorrow; I'll be in LA then!

Louise :)

At Mon Oct 17, 05:39:00 AM 2011, Blogger Rob Smith said...

You could say that the ego creates its own polemical ‘chaotic turmoil’ (attributed to the personification of a ‘devil’ figure in medieval times )and is continually trying to lead us away from the authentic truth of our eternal state by attempting to woo us into a state of ignorance and uncertainty due to its fear of extinction!

Blessings rob

At Mon Oct 17, 12:30:00 PM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

Say "I AM" only to your Self; move from saying it to feeling it, and then to being it.

Rather than answering your questions, we direct you to go within and ask, and discover your very own personal answer there. This is the only answer for only you. You may have to ramble on a bit inside, but this is just traversing the metaphysical maze; once you learn the path within, you will never forget it.

Have fun in LA!

At Mon Oct 17, 12:31:00 PM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

Well said Rob - you have learned how to find the answer, your answer, within you.


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