Sunday, October 16, 2011

Alien Contact in the 21st Century

One of my dearest friends, Marc, is featured in James Carman's upcoming excellent documentary, "The Hidden Hand - Alien Contact in the 21st Century." He is on a panel with other people talking about their experiences with aliens. It will be premiering in New York City on October 21st. I was honored to have attended a private screening of the film in January of 2010 at A.R.E. and later spent time with James afterwards to discuss his work (see our past blog about this event.)

The screening is at 7 pm with Q&A for the director afterward. At 6 pm there will be a Press Conference with Whitley Strieber, Richard Dolan and Linda Moulton Howe, who will also be presenting at the FIONS Conference the next day in NYC (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Science.)

Complimentary tickets will be given to the FIRST 300 people to respond  by emailing Alan Steinfeld.


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