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From The Archives: There's No Place Like Home.

[First Posted 12/30/06]

Since the recent transition of “C.” – an aunt – life has continued to swirl on and around the remaining family and friends, each who now carries his own bucket of grief around, each able to contain the watery emotion within to a certain extent — some better than others, some unable to move about for fear of spilling something universal but precious, invisible but tangible.

I’ve continued to send her gifts of light in the form of thoughts and prayers, and though tried looking in on her to see how she’s progressing with her transition and healing toward becoming Risen, have only been able to sense that she’s resting in the presence of Risen Healers, but not able to see or speak with her.

A few nights ago, however, after my body fell asleep, I was able to finally stand in her presence, in some golden, summer landscape of indescribable flowers, trees, and grains. She presented in a very young body, perhaps around the age of 17 or 18, and was glowing with good health. I was overcome with emotions of many mixtures, but was pulled up short when she continued to remain rather calm, and indeed, puzzled, about my emotional reaction of laughter and tears. It seemed clear she was happy to see me, but it wasn’t the kind of joy I had expected when somebody can present themselves as ultimate proof of the survival of death. There’s often a vastly deep sense of calmness beneath it all, but I’ve never known it to keep emotional aspects away.

— Why, August, what’s wrong, why are you laughing but crying? Are you alright?
— Of course I’m alright, I’m just so happy to see you and relieved to see how well and whole you now look!
— Well . . . thanks! Why are you relieved -- is something wrong?
— No, not wrong, exactly, but I’ve been missing you very much, in fact, everyone has.
— Everyone? Who do you mean?
— Don’t you remember your illness, and then dying?
— (A very long, thoughtful pause) – Hmmmm? Hmmmm. Well, yes. Oh, that! (giggles) – I think I know what you mean. But that was just a dream! How did you know about it?
— That was no dream, it really happened. You mean to say you don’t know where you are now?
— Of course I know – I’m home!
— How do you know you’re home?
— Because Mother and Dad are here, in the house . . . so are K. & H. (her brothers). I had a strange dream, a nightmare, but I woke up safe and sound in my bed.
— But you don’t remember the illness, the brain tumor?
— Oh, that was the nightmare! It was horrible, I was trapped and thought I was really awake and couldn’t wake up or even move, and everyone was standing over me and looking at me and acting as if I were blind and deaf. Oh, god, that was horrible! And thank god I woke up. But that was just a silly dream.
— C., it wasn’t a dream. If it was a dream, then where are B. and P. (her sisters, still on Earth)? Are they in the house with everyone else now, too?
— Oh, gee, I didn’t notice, I assume they’re around, probably at school or with their boyfriends.
— Actually, they’re still on Earth. I’m so happy to see you, and I’m sure they would be too, but right now they’re trying to adjust to the trauma of your death. They miss you terribly, as have I!
— (Giggling) – What on earth are you talking about! This is Earth. My house is here. Mother and Dad are there.
— Where is the house, I don’t see it?
— (Gestures behind her) – Back there, on the other side of the field. (She hugs me.) I don’t know why I just did that, but I’m so glad to see you – but cheer up! (She looks behind her) Oh, they’re calling me, I have to go. But will I see you later?
— Yes, you will see me later.

So here is something both fascinating and unsettling — and probably not all that uncommon. The awareness and response to one’s changed circumstances and surroundings are directly related to and dependent on one’s belief system prior to transition. Transition does not always affect the belief system. As well, one’s fears and defenses regarding dying and death can and do survive into what I call the pre-Risen state, where one hasn’t fully awakened to the truth of the present. Psychological tendencies may still be in place in order to cushion certain facts about Reality that the mind cannot yet process.

C’s apparent naïveté is a complex mix of pre-existing earthly beliefs, as well as a kind of psychospiritual response to the trauma of her illness. Although she appeared young, beautiful, happy and whole, she acted as if she was over-medicated on Valium. Her manners were childish, suggesting that she had regressed as a response to the trauma, and this is supported by the manifestation of her adolescent body, and her surroundings, which were her childhood home, complete with her parents and two brothers who had preceded her in transition. In her mind, everyone was still alive — which is completely true — but obviously she is not yet able to compensate for the differences in location amongst family members.

My surprise stems from the fact that, during her illness, when C. was immobilized by the ever-growing tumor in her brain, she learned how to navigate her etheric-astral body away from the dissolving physical one. She was brought to me to help calm her fears while assisting with her learning process. She had a ball, and was thrilled to be out of the body, able to travel with great freedom at will. I had assumed that her vibrant, intelligent interaction with me in such sudden and strange circumstances meant that she understood it to be real as well. Now, I see that while she might have had some beginning acceptance of the reality, since her transition any memory of it has probably been relegated to explaining it as part of the nightmare she believes it all was.

I know from experience that all of this is as it should be, and there is a very solid, well-planned underlying structure of healing in place to support her continued transition to a Risen state. I also rest assured knowing that her parents and brothers are there to assist as part of the healing process of her mind – her body is fine, but her mind is still asleep. Here again is evidence that while we are embodied on Earth, how we live, think and feel will have direct effects upon our future existence in other bodies and in other geographies. Many religious and cultural traditions have helped shaped (with varying degrees of fact and superstition) peoples’ minds in order to provide structure and preparation for transition. As the fortress walls of religion continue to tumble down, as humankind moves forward in faster and faster global interconnections, there must be spiritual aspects to the newly emergent structure of the collective mind. This is why the topics of spiritualism, mediumship and life after “death” have so suddenly burst into the mainstream consciousness – all orchestrated by Spirit – in order to enable us to become and stay awake in order to proactively enjoy our magnificent and infinite inheritance, the universe.

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