Sunday, July 11, 2010

Consciousness: An Animation of Spirit

In his newsletter, Victor Zammit recently shared this original animation by Louis Lefebvre. It chronicles the evolution of consciousness from its inanimate state into human form and then back through spiritual seeking to Oneness. This presentation is connected with The Advaita Fellowship. Advaita is a sub-school of Vedanata, which teaches that the believer's goal is to transcend the limitations of self-identity to realize self-consciousness -- something quite akin to The Risen ideas of realigning the ego-mind and its simulate selves to regain access to Authentic Self, thus opening the way to Risen contact.


At Mon Jul 12, 04:12:00 AM 2010, Blogger mystic retiree said...

Dear Tim and August,
Does any particular practise and by this I mean the non-dual way of being confer
any spiritual advantage when transforming to a "Risen"?
Sydney(N.B a "y" not an "I")


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