Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crossing Over

Damien Hirst’s “For the Love of God,” a skull facsimile studded entirely with diamonds, was purchased by an unnamed investment group for approximately $100 million USD.

It was stated in a previous post:

"The Risen do not think or use thoughts, which arise from the ego-mind."

Sydney asks us, "If this is the case then is thought used at all? Can you expand on this?"

Thanks for asking, Sydney. Slightly expanded for better clarification, it could be said that the Risen do not use what we call "thoughts" in the way that we use them. "Thinking" is a language we use; the Risen could not be said to use language. It is pointed out in The Risen that for us, as embodied humans, all thinking arises from the ego-mind — something the Risen no longer have. It's also noted that while thinking is powerful, it’s not the only pastime in town. Our book offers a small exercise to try to suspend thinking while watching inner visualizations; if successful, true clarivoyance may arise. This "clear seeing" is how the Risen see, which is spiritual sight. The Risen can use thoughts - or what we would tend to call "thoughts" - as their version of physical tools; objects to be manipulated, stretched, colored, dissolved. This is really an art, and takes great skill to do there to achieve beautiful and monumental manifestation. But they know that thoughts are objects, and do not originate from "inside their heads." This following quote of Tim's from a chapter in the book might also expand our understanding:

"Even ‘do’ is not the right verb. In fact, verbs aren’t used here to begin with—they’re only necessary and useful for the machinists and their devices. ‘Things’ are ‘done’ with ‘devices.’ ‘Doing’ here, where I am, in the way you ‘do things’ there, would be like using dynamite to create a delicate ice sculpture . . .(and) your material language, if you have not guessed it by now, is a machine as well, although new spiritual elements are ever-so-slowly trickling back down into it. Fully-spiritual language is non-mechanical, purely organic, and living."

Even this does not come anywhere near to truly explaining what the Risen experience with and as mind.

On a slightly off-tangent but related note — on Earth, the majority of people are trapped in the box of their skull, unable to get out. Indeed, the Bible notes this chronic human disability in the metaphysical story of the crucifixion and the resurrection, enacted as a psychological drama on Golgotha: "the place of the skull" - an illustration of how non-spiritualized humanity is unable to get free of their own mind-prison. The "cross" is the symbol of placing a vertical element (denoting an ascending spiritual consciousness) over the horizontal element (denoting the fixed, gravity-laden earthly human ego-mind,) thus providing the necessary intervention to free the spirit, or resurrect it. The drama of the man, Jesus, getting on this metaphysical cross (which hurts like hell) was enacted to demonstrate how all people can and will — psychologically— become "Risen" - if not here while on Earth, then when free of the material body. Perhaps this could also lend an expanded meaning to the phrase, "crossing over."


At Wed Jun 23, 12:59:00 AM 2010, Blogger mystic retiree said...

Dear August,
Thank you for your reply.I have ordered your book and hopefully it will arrive soon(I don't live in the US).I will find it interesting as I will be comparing it to the works of Stewart Edward White and his wife Betty plus
the Seven Purposes of Margaret Cameron and Our Unseen Guest by Darby.Another important writer for me has been Stanton Moses.
I do not know if these writers are known to you but it certainly would be of personal interest to me to know your opinion on these teachings as portrayed by these people.


At Wed Jun 23, 11:56:00 AM 2010, Blogger August Goforth said...

I have great admiration for Stewart and Betty White, and have all their books as well; in fact, if you look at the links to the right in this blog, the last one is to Mr. White's little-known Gaelic Manuscripts, which exists only online as far as I know. Their work is mentioned several times in our book. I also have the writings of Stanton Moses, one of the most significant figures in this field. "Unseen Guest" and the work of Margaret Cameron also grace my bookshelf. All these works cross rather a large span of time and contain many and great forms of spiritual truths which are still deeply relevant in this century.

We are so very glad to hear that you will soon have a copy of The Risen, and encourage you to resist "skimming" or "looking for the juicy parts." It's all juicy! We strongly advise all readers to begin at the beginning, and take their time; as one very serious and well-seasoned student recently wrote to us, "I often can only read a paragraph at a time, and then I have to re-read it, put the book down, and re-read again . . . this is a book meant to be savoured." I (August) continue to read it myself, in spite of my many years' intimate acquaintance with it. We would also add that it is not the usual "Psychic 101" material. It might be stimulating for you to read the reviews of our book at Amazon.com from some of the most influential contributors to the field, to get a better understanding of the way to approach the work. We also encourage you to correspond with us at any time as you move through the book.

At Thu Jun 24, 06:28:00 AM 2010, Blogger mystic retiree said...

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At Fri Jun 25, 07:39:00 AM 2010, Blogger August Goforth said...

mystic retiree has left a new comment on your post "Crossing Over":

Dear August,
I have bought your book but I have severe doubts about the genuiness of the message you are giving.I say this because a person who really wishes to share his teachings with others does it without regard for making profits.Today one can freely place such ideas on the internet so all can access them and then if the ideas appeals to them ,the book can be bought by print on demand.
For me the prime indicator of whether such teachings should be taken seriously or not is how it is being marketed in the market place of ideas.
Thank you

mystic retiree has left a new comment on your post "Crossing Over":

Dear August,
There is no need for you to reply to my earlier post.It was unwarranted.Your motivations are your own and I have no right to criticise them.Please accept my apologies.
Best regards

August Goforth has left a new comment on your post "Crossing Over":

Sydney, it is ok to have doubts, but give yourself a little more time before judging us. It appears you are already having an ego-mind reaction. If you have read the book thoroughly, you will know that August does not work for money as a medium, following in the traditional manner of mediums in the 20th Century. August has also invested a lot of time - 8 years - and a lot of personal finances of his own to manifest this book that the Risen asked him to help with. August receives a very tiny amount of royalty from each book - about one dollar, which is not even enough for cat food! August has also sent about 100 copies free to various institutions around the world. Finally, this book IS available by print on demand, to help save resources of the Earth. One can also download it for even less money from the website.

As to the message being genuine - there is no message other than "there is no death." Only you can determine if this is genuine; we can only wish that perhaps our humble attempts will support your decision, whatever it will be.
Thanks for the apology, none necessary.
With very best regards, light & love,
August & Tim
PS -
You mentioned earlier about several books on certain mediumistic subjects that you have and love - did you pay for them? If so, we wonder how you resolved any conflict about buying them and if that impacted their messages for you.


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