Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Review of The Risen

Michael Tymn, well-known journalist of psychic/spiritual matters, has just let us know that his review of The Risen is now in the current newsletter of The National Spiritualist Association of Churches. This organization exists "for the advancement of those purposes, undertakings and enterprises germane to the study of the phenomena, the promotion of the Science, and the promulgation of the Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism."

Membership of NSAC entitles one to receive this newsletter -- when we receive a copy of it, we will share it here with readers.


At Fri Jul 09, 07:49:00 AM 2010, Blogger mystic retiree said...

Hi Tim and August,
I am on my second read of "The Risen".
I like your non-dogmatic views and the fact you give credit to whatever method a different individual may find comfortable or that works for him or her.
You and your Risen friends offer a wide variety of ideas many of which are easy to use.I particularly have taken to the use of "creative imagination"-not your words but it is for me an apt description of "Mundus Imaginalis".
I give you both credit for having the courage to bring your relationship into this book.It was not easy for me to read about it and it could not have been easy for you writing about it.
It would be of great interest if the risen personalities are aware of the affect of reading the book on an individual basis.
I decided to approach reading your book as an act of faith and far as I am concerned it has been more than justified
Thank you both and all the risen folk.


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